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Student register with AEG website:
Students complete AEG’s application in and pay using our secured Paypal website.

AEG chart time frame for each ‘case’:
AEG will come up with tailored time frame to complete application package. This may vary from student to student depending on AEG’s application load. Students are expected to complete and respond within the time frame for SOP, Recos and Financial documents.

AEG request all documents to be scanned for file:
AEG needs all your copy of documents to be scanned to for file. Standardized test scores, academic transcripts (semester wise) and other academic records. AEG needs only copies. These copies are needed to start your application and will also be used for credential translation and evaluation as needed.

AEG advices students on SOP, Recos, Resume and Financial documents:
AEG encourages students to write their own SOP’s. However,AEG will advise on do’s and don’ts when drafting such documents. Students should sign SOP and sponsor should sign financial affidavit before sending to universities.

AEG starts working on selection of 5 universities:
Once AEG receives all copies of documents we will work on selecting 5 universities. These universities can be in one of 50 states. If you have any specify university in mind you need to add to additional  universities in registration page and AEG will complete applications to universities you indicate.

AEG completes application and financial aid forms:
After completing selection of universities AEG will start to complete application and financial aid forms. Please remember most universities have Dec 31st as last date to submit financial aid forms.

Applications sent to students for review and Signature (scanned):
Applications are scanned and will be sent to students for review and signature. Students are expected to return these application documents within 48 hrs

Students send back signed application forms (scanned):
Students review application forms and scan back the documents with their signatures to Students are expected to return these documents within 48 hrs. Students should sign in blue pen and should be color scanned. Scanned copies should be clear and legible.

Credential translation needed?
Students from certain countries may need credential translation as their transcripts may not be in English. Hence has to be translated to English and notarized before submitting to universities. AEG will send your documents to certified credential translation agency for translation. Students have to subscribe for translation package if their documents are not in English.

Credential evaluation needed?
Universities recommend students to get their credential evaluated before submitting their documents. Some universities mention their preferred agency in application. AEG will decide whether your transcripts needs to be evaluated depending on universities and will be sent for evaluation. Your documents will be directly sent to universities from those agencies.

AEG send applications to universities with fees:
Once students send us all signed applications, AEG will review again and send those applications to universities with fees. Application could be online submission or signed paper based document. AEG will take DD or money order in US bank and will be sent along with your application. We recommend to send your application with fees first before sending other documents as admission office will open file only when they receive application with fees.

AEG pays standardized test score fees to those universities:
Once we send your applications we will also pay your standardized test score reporting fees to appropriate agencies (GRE, TOEFL, GMAT…etc).We will either pay it online or fax it so scores can be sent to applied universities at the earliest.

AEG forwards students with address of universities to send their original Transcripts, Resume, Financial Documents, and Reference letters:
AEG will forward the address of universities where original transcripts, signed SOP, Letters of recommendation, Financial bank statement and Affidavit from sponsor to be is the responsibility of student to send all those documents to complete the application package directly to universities.

AEG receives admission letter I-20:
Once all documents are sent it would take somewhere between 45days to 4 months to receive admission letter (I-20).AEG will receive the admission letter and will be forwarded to students.

Student receives admission letter (I-20):
AEG will forward admission letters to student as we receive. AEG will act as a liaison between student and universities to know the status of application. Student need their I-20 to pay for SEVIS and for applying VISA in their home country.

Any questions please e-mail


Thanks to AEG for completing my application process successfully in 2 weeks. I would have taken months. I received my first I-20 yesterday - Chunhua, Louisiana State University.   China

I derive immense pleasure in thanking AEG for helping me in application process. I received three admission offers. Iam flying to Western Michigan University to start my course next month - Jung-Hwa , Western Michigan University.   S.Korea

I approached AEG in November 2006 for admission in US University for a graduate program related to Genetics. Though my GRE was not all that strong for such a highly competitive program, still AEG persisted in their search to find a school to offer me admission – Sandeep, Oklahoma State University   India

A pleasant experience who instilled a confidence in me and lended a helping hand at each and every step to ascend the rung of ladder of success. Thanks a Lot – Martin, Mississippi State University ,UK

I am very happy with the services of AEG, thanks for the support given by you. Right now I am in Detroit, USA. I am happy to inform that I have assistance ship worth $18,000 USD – Nneamaka, University of Detroit  Nigeria

 AEG people are very professional. The Website features are very helpful. I did not have to bother about anything regarding my admissions since the day I contacted AEG for the first time. Thanks for a wonderful experience – Akemi, University of California, San Diego   Japan

 I had an ambition of studying in USA, which came true with AEG. Without AEG, I couldn't able to reach my goal. I received $22,250 Scholarship- SJ Watson, Ohio State University  Australia

Encouragement from AEG was simply superb. They helped me in securing admissions at all the Universities applied, as I applied at the last minute, I am very thankful to AEG- Ariane, Purdue University,  France