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Hello AEG, I don’t know if you can answer this question and not sure if related to admissions or related to GRE.I had a weird problem when taking my second attempt L  GRE Exam. I scored 1120 in my first attempt and I know I can definitely improve this score and so I registered for GRE again.Unfortuntely, I didn’t look at the date while registering. It was on my favorite cricket match game between India and England. Iam a big fan of cricket and I never missed any game that India plays.Unfortuntely, I have to miss this game and that was in my back of mind while taking GRE and that really messed up my GRE score. I don’t want to tell my GRE score. All I can say is its lower (much lower) than my first attempt. Iam applying to Fall 2011 in MS in CS.I continuously scored high in practice test. But this cricket temptation really messed it up – Shobana .T

My first reaction after reading this email is a big OOOOOOPPPPSSSSS…I seriously couldn’t imagine how a mature graduate student planning to study in US could jus mess up a life changing exam with a lame excuse.  “’Tis one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall” – William Shakespeare .Every one likes Cricket and Iam also a big fan of Sachin, but it should not come in way that can really mess up your scores. It only tells me that you are not mature enough to deal with situation. I remember a day when my Mom came up with a stick to cricket ground to make me read for next day exam. But, that was in my 7th grade. There’s always temptations in life. It’s the question of how you can overcome the temptations and succeed in life.

Do you

1)      Wake early on weekends and make jogging in the park or you’d rather waste time sleeping till   11.00am on a Saturday

2)      Will you choose a salad for lunch or fall prey to the temptation of a double cheeseburger with extra cheese?

I guess you belong to other category where you can’t resist your temptations. It looks like your “ left prefrontal cortex areas in your brain is still pre-mature. It is that area of the brain that control and allow us to resist,”. This is why children and adolescents are more impulsive than adults and succeed with difficulty in resisting the temptations of all sorts. With this attitude and maturity it’s pretty tough to take your life in US.

How to overcome temptations:

1)      The first thing one wants to do when faced with temptation of any sort is to think of the possible consequences as a result of giving in. Nine times out of ten, if it is a temptation, the outcome isn’t going to be too wonderful, therefore, take a peep into the future and if this something that could ruin you … don’t do it.

2)      We do make mistakes, but they must not rule us. It is human to make a mistake, but to give into the temptation because of cricket is being weak. You should learn from it.

3)      Listen to warning of others.

4)      Divert your mind into constructive activities

5)      Set goals to achieve targets and practice self-control assiduously in attaining them.

When you book your flights to US make sure there is no cricket game played on that day :)

What you guys think? Please post your opinion

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