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Hi – Iam planning to apply to CS for fall 2012.I don’t know if I need to wait for new GRE pattern to get into effect or should I take the old one.Iam confused.Do you know which is easier to get higher scores and admission?

We have been receiving lot of questions on the same topic.The question of easier or not depends on how your mind set is and not with what pattern you are taking.If you still didn’t start preparing for GRE you have 4 months to take old GRE pattern, which is a sufficient time and your score is valid for 5 years.If you are a slow learner start preparing for new pattern.You can prepare for next 6-7 months before applying for fall 2012 and you have sufficient time.

Imagine you are in 12th grade and you are preparing for your public exam.What if the question paper pattern changed. Will you not appear for the exam?

If you can in 4 months go for it.

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  1. chandra says:

    can u tell how the new pattern will be advantageous than old pattern?

  2. Archie says:

    I gave GRE twice. One in 2002 with the then new curriculum that introduced analytical writing (written assessment). I also gave one in Oct 2010 that followed the same pattern. In my opinion, it is advisable to take the old GRE because of the following reason,

    The new GRE, while being introduced in August this year is going to incorporate some new testing patterns, such as fill in the blanks for Quantitative and Verbal sections. Naturally, ETS is going to experiment with the questions and data collected, to establish this new pattern as valid and sound. Because no previous statistics for average scores etc. are available for this new pattern, it is harder for you to make predictions about your performance. You don’t have access to prior test material because there isn’t any. You also run the risk of being the first batch for this new GRE pattern. In my opinion, it is always safer to stick with a known established pattern while something new is being tested and till you know that you may be comfortable with the new method.

    Besides, there are students, professional tutors and others who have experience with the old GRE testing system, unlike the new one which is yet to be launched. The new pattern may work for you…you may do very well without any prior tutoring or guidance OR you may not fare very well. You have to make that call. But ensure that you can retake the test at the earliest if things don’t go so well.

    • AEG says:

      Good explanation of why a student should go for current pattern.I will try to post advantages of new pattern in future articles.

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