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Came across a university guaranteeing admission without GRE,TOEFL or GMAT ? STOP it’s a big redflag.If any consultants makes you an offer,you should question the consultant about the academic standards of the university.All state,public universities require some form of standardized test as a requirement to enter undergraduate,graduate or PhD program.If the university did not take into account any criteria like work experience,GPA’s or recommendation letters then there is really wrong with their policy. Forget about admission, how will you confidently face Visa Officer?

I believe that the GRE and undergrad GPA are the two best indicators of success in graduate study, and that’s why most universities require GRE/GMAT.That being said, I think there are also other, very legitimate ways to assess ability beyond the GRE. There are other measures that can be used and if a program chooses to use other measures, its doesn’t mean they are of lesser quality.

I think where you get into trouble is when a program isn’t looking at any other measurements. Are they just looking at undergrad grades? Or are they also looking at breadth and depth of work experience, for example?

Universities without GRE/GMAT  tend to approach recruitment in the “throw the net as wide as we can and capture as many students as possible.” By not requiring the GRE, these schools capture  larger audience, but they often don’t use other measurements to assess readiness. I’d steer clear of these schools unless you know some of the faculty really well, you’re interested in their area of research and you’re reasonably sure they’ll be around for the duration of your program (many online universities are over staffed with adjunct faculty).

Many schools also use it as an intentional hurdle in the application process. The thinking is that they want the best qualified students. Quality isn’t just about the numbers. It’s also about how committed they are to the program, how hard they’re willing to work in the program, how they will find balance between their studies, personal life, and work responsibilities. If the applicant is willing to take the time to prepare for and complete this exam, it often indicates a higher level of commitment.

What do you think?Will you apply to universities without GRE/GMAT/TOEFL post your thoughts.

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