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Recently I have been posting answers on how to handle some tough questions when you go for F1 visa interview.Yes VO can ask you such questions and they have asked in the past. Today’s question is

You look like a potential immigrant or I don’t think you will come back?

What will be your answer in this scenario and how will you handle the situation?

Again make sure your voice doesn’t rise. When VO ask you this questions it’s natural for anyone to be thrown off emotionally. But you shouldn’t. Give a little smile and look into his eyes and answer confidently.

Answer 1: (Recommended)

Sir, all my family members are married and settled in Chennai. My dad owns a textile industry and Iam the only hope for him to run his business and that’s the reason he is sending me to gain the best education.

Answer 2: (Not Recommended)

Sir, my sisters are married and settled in different cities in India. Iam the only hope for my parents to take care of them after they retire in next 2 years. As a son, I want to carry my parent’s burden during their old age.

Try to not give sentimental answers. It will not work. Your answer should be logical supported by documentation. What will be your answer for this question?

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  1. Sadia says:

    my answer will be that my family is there in Pakistan. we have strong social connections and multiple relations over here. we have rich agricultural property and rice trading business here so it not reasonable to me to build a new setting in US. foremost i am the only daughter of my mother any she has taken promise from me that i will be back after completing my degree.

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