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Officer: Show me ur Gre n Toefl score cards (I forwrd the Gre n toefl score cards and he notes down my Verbal score)

Officer: So u wish to study at Rice

Me: Yes Sir

Officer: Is Rice need-blind institution?

Me:Yes Sir.

Officer:How many Univ’s did u apply?

Me: I aplied to 7 univ’s

Officer:How many admitts do u have?

Me:5 Sir

Officer:Show me u admit n reject letters?

me:Ok Sir (I forward hime the 5 admits n 1 Reject letter)


Officer:So among the following admits ,Why have u choosen to study at Rice?

Me: Rice offers one of the Best courses in Telecom.The course also deals with computer networking and other fundamentals which would help me a lot in building my career.

Officer: What about the Research?

Me:They r working on Wireless n/w’s (then he writes English100 pts on my application. I think he was testing my English Speaking ability)

Officer:Show me ur Degree certificate (He confirmed that I had done my Engg in Electronics n Telecom)

Officer:Any relatives in US?

Me: No sir

Officer:Do u intend to come back?

Me:Yes Sir

Officer:Why? (I was surprised)

Me:Sir,Firstly,I am the only child and I would have to take care of my parents.Secondly,there r many upcoming telecom industries in India like Bharti Telecom,Vsnl,Bsnl offering good jobs to Telecom graduates.

Officer:Ok Fine,Iam approving your visa.

me:Thank u Sir

Officer :Study Well

What is Need-Blind university?

Need-blind admission is a term denoting a college admission policy in which the admitting institution does not consider an applicant’s financial situation when deciding admission. Generally, an increase in students admitted under a need-blind policy and needing financial aid requires the institution to back the policy with an ample endowment or source of funding. Being need-blind is a statutory requirement for institutions to participate in an anti-trust exemption granted by Congress which remains in effect until September 30, 2015. An institution may be need-blind in any given year by policy (de jure) or by circumstances (de facto).

Need-blind admissions systems are rare in the private colleges where institutional funds often make up the bulk of financial aid awarded but virtually all public institutions are need-blind. Most private universities cannot afford to offer financial aid to all admitted students and many will admit all students but cannot offer them sufficient aid to meet need. Many schools who admit all U.S. citizens or resident aliens without regard to need do not extend this policy to internationals or to transfer students. Therefore schools, especially private ones, which are need-blind and full-need for all applicants, including internationals, tend to be much more selective as they have relatively more applicants than other similar schools.

Need-blind admission does not necessarily mean a “full-need” financial aid policy—where the school agrees to meet the full demonstrated financial need of all its admitted students. Indeed, the two policies can be in tension because need-blind admissions and full-need financial aid together commit the school to spend an undetermined amount of money regardless of other budgetary constraints. Thus, some need-blind schools will admit students who will nonetheless not be able to attend because of deficient financial aid awards.

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  1. Rahul says:

    glad to know that u got your visa .
    I need help from all AEG friends .
    I have been rejected my visa twice in chennai consulate .
    my profile is – TOEFL – 87, ug – 72.14 , no back logs , working as a consultant physical therapist since 2011 .
    and as like u I have been granted a leave of two years for my study.

    my first interview went smoothly and I made a mistake about salary part as I dun have fixed income so I couldn’t tell him a perfect figure and in that interview officer didn’t even listened to me for other answers, as I was not satisfied I decided to give a try again and on 20th July I appeared again . This time the officer was an lady and she asked me only two question which schools u have applied and why only this school, my interview last for hardly 1 minute and she gave reason that ‘ U AM NOT CONVINCED ‘ .
    again I have applied for 10 august and really I need help from u guys that what better I can do .

    regarding university – LOMA linda is the only university which offers a programme which is combination of masters and highest clinical degree available . the cost and time frame suots best for me .

    please help me .

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