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Thanks for your overwhelming response. We received more than 120 requests in less than 8 hrs, mostly from India. After reviewing close to 120 profiles we would like to provide some insight into common mistakes, students made while selecting your universities. The chances of acceptance that were sent to you were based on comparing previous students profile who got into same universities from our database.

Here are the common mistakes:

1)  Profiles that had GRE>1300 nearly 90% of the students didn’t have “SAFE” universities in the list. Try not be over confident. We have seen students who applied to 10 universities with GRE>1300 and received no admit.

2)  There are more than 4000 universities and colleges in US. As a standard you either selected universities that were recommended by your friends or you know there are lot Indian students. Lot of Indian students are good. But, from our experience getting into universities with hundreds of Indian students offers you with more disadvantages than benefits. Believe me or not you can compete with an American counterpart for part-time jobs, but Indians are tough nut to crack and compete when it comes to assistantships and jobs on campus. Few of the universities that nearly 50% of the students selected were UT-Arlington, ASU,NJIT etc..(e.g.) A student getting into University of Nevada or University of Idaho has 90% chance of getting an assistantship/ part time jobs than students who applied to these universities having same profile.

3)  Some students selected only 1-2 universities. You need to apply for atleast 6 universities 2 SAFE,2 TARGET and 2 DREAM. This is at the minimum.

4)  The next one obviously, with Low GRE & TOEFL. Anything less then 1000 is a pick for visa officers during interview. Though, you might get into Tier 3 level universities through consultants, it’s hard to convince VO’s with low GRE & TOEFL.

5)  Some students selected universities in the same US state. For instance students selected all the universities either in Texas or California and so forth…VO’s feel fishy if you say all your universities you applied are from same US state. Be diverse in your selection.

 Once again, thanks for “LIKING” American Educational Group and watch out for similar offers.

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