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Name : Seema Joshi

University : University of Missouri at Kansas City

GRE Score : 1290 TOEFL Score : 103

ME: Good Morning, Mam

She: How many universities did you apply to?

ME: 10

She: I see only 2 universities in GRE report?

ME: I later decided to send scores to additional universities

She: how many accepted you?

Me: 4

She: how many rejected you?

Me: 4

She: which universities rejected you? Me: University of Cincinnati, University of Texas, Arlington..

She: Why are you going to the US?

Me: For Master’s in Computer science.

She: What was your bachelor’s degree in?

Me: Computer science.

She: What was your first choice?

Me: University of Missouri, Kansas city

She: That was your first choice? (At this point I got scared thinking that I had wrongly answered the question)

Me: yes

She: why?

Me: Because it offers networking and that is my interest.

She: OK…You will get your passport in 2-3 days. Good luck!

 Smile I was not asked to show a single document.

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