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Enter your favourite in the comments.If not in the list enter what you would think if you were standing on line during F1 interview.The best one that gets selected will receive 1 hr telephonic F1 visa training FREE of cost.

Things that you will “THINK” when you are waiting on line for F1 Visa interview: 

  • What question will VO ask?
  • What will happen if my visa is rejected?
  • What to answer if VO ask about my backlogs?
  • Should I say the truth about backlogs or can I lie?
  • I will try to say I have Fever during my exam or I have sisters marriage
  • What to answer if VO ask why my GRE is low?
  • I probably should say I was studying for my final year semester exam and couldn’t concentrate on GRE
  • Did I bring all my financial documents?Let me check again
  • I should not get tense I should be “COOL”
  • Flying in aeroplane and saying bye to parents
  • Will VO ask where you got this single big deposit in your account?
  • I should always SMILE as I read in blogs
  • I will try to show my confidence in my body by being stiff
  • Telling your mugged up answers in your mind 4-5 times. I selected this university because of research opportunities…blahblah..
  • I feel like butterflies in stomach,but Iam OK
  • I feel like vomiting.Let me sit here
  • Will I able to hear properly with the glass window?
  • Will he ask about funding for my studies?
  • What will happen if VO gets mad at me?
  • I have told everyone that Iam going to US. What will happen if my visa is rejected?I should perform
  • “All is well” I will get my stamping. God is with me

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  1. Satya Sai Dattu says:

    What should I write on my facebook wall, If I get visa?. And what if I don’t.

  2. What if the fellow before to me get rejects?

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