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I feel like Iam starting my life all over again. Financial problems, No on campus jobs, got into depression, feeling lonely, discriminated from majority, pressure to perform in classes, lot of times I was misunderstood and the list goes on…and on..Why every one is rushing to US like herds.I had a herd mentality and landed in hell.Think twice (no hundred times before coming here).This is completely upside down from Indian life.I thought I would have a better life,no I was wrong. Only thing I got, my parents can happily say my “Son is in US”.Iam talking to my parents to make decision on going back. – Gautam,INDIA

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Well,I have been receiving same or similar emails every week.Looks like you got really frustrated.Take some breathing space and look around,what other students are doing.Especially from your country.Guess is 90% of them are in the same boat as yours.

Remind yourself that it takes time to adjust to a new situation.Don’t be shy. Keep in mind that you have passed TOEFEL prior to coming to the US. If you think that you need to learn more conversational English and social manners (turn-taking rules, using expressions such as “Thank you” and “I will appreciate it”), you may try to expose yourself to more social situations such as going to sport events and parties.

Take risk and speak in class in order to overcome your nervousness. Start with small steps, such as asking the professor questions after class or asking short and well-defined questions in class. Once your nervousness diminishes, you can take bigger risks. The more you speak up, the easier it will get. Also, it is likely that you will receive complements and attention from others that will make you even more comfortable.

Reach out to American students and make friends. You may bring a traditional dish to class or wear traditional clothing. The more familiar they are with your culture, the more comfortable they will be with you. Also, this way you can keep more in touch with your own culture. Accept friendly hands from American classmates and acquaintances.

Take care of your health. Do not hesitate to use your health insurance and seek medical assistance on campus at any time you perceive something is not going well. Also, try to eat healthy food and, if possible, incorporate some physical activities into your daily routine. You can go to gym, swimming pool on campus, participate in sports, run or just walk on campus. Studies have shown that, as a result of physical exercise, our brains produce chemicals that make us feel more energetic and satisfied.

Try to build some fun activities into your busy class daily schedule: a hobby that you have had in your home country or a new thing that you have been enjoying in the US.Most of the universities have Indian Association and they usually plan fun games in the evening.If you know driving, drive around city or visit neigbouring cities. It can be more fun.

Share your concerns with people you trust on campus, such as academic advisors or advisors at the Office of International Students. It is very important for your cultural adaptation that you ask people questions on practical things and cultural issues.

Consider counseling. In many cultures, talking to a stranger about one’s problems may not be appropriate. It is understandable that if counseling is not popular in India, you may prefer to resort to alternative resources such as family members, friends .Open your mind and talk.However, if you decide to seek counseling on campus, you can talk to your counselor and negotiate what and how much you will do in the counseling room so that you respect the values of your own culture and, at the same time, benefit from the counseling. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the University counseling center is the only place on campus where confidentiality is guaranteed.

But,deciding to going back should be a last option.Keep in mind every student not only from India goes through the same phase and we have gone through it as well.

Readers what would you advice Gautam?Please post your comments.

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  1. srikanth says:

    yeah..what u’ve said is right…but u have not gone through one of his problem…that is “Financial problems”…every thing else is more than good…

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