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“If you ask what is the single most important key for successful F1 Visa interview, I would have to say stop worrying”.

“A field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.”

What makes you stressed up before F1 interview?

  • You have no experience attending interviews, because you are fresh out of college and applied for MS
  • You have no experience talking to an American – only heard and studied for TOEFL
  • You are shy and your culture didn’t appreciate directly looking into elders eyes – Usually Japanese student struggle with this.
  • You have low scores and you don’t have an answer if questioned.
  • You told every one that you are going to US and expectations are high from your family and friends and you have an obligation to fulfil that.

What can one do to decrease the amount of stress before going to F1 interview?

Here are 18 suggestions. You may not want to try them all right now. That would just add to your stress. Try a few of them out and see what works for you.

1. Stay present.

Probably my favourite way to decrease stress. It works so well because when you are present you feel centred and you aren’t thinking about what’s going to happen during F1 interview.Think what needs to be done to be successful in the interview rather than what’s going to happen.  

2. Accept the situation.

Stress is often to a large part resistance to what already is. You may be in a stressful situation because of above reasons.Face it.You have to go through it.So to decrease the stress accept the situation. With your stress gone you can now direct more of your mental energy and focus on preparing for the interview

3. Get off coffee.

In November last year I stopped drinking coffee for 30 days and I have drunk perhaps 4 cups since the beginning of December. Quitting coffee was especially hard during the first week – I felt really tired – but became easier after that.

When I was drinking coffee my mind was racing quite a bit, but that wasn’t anything I noticed – since I was so accustomed to it – until I gave it up. Quitting this habit has helped to relax more easily and think more clearly. Today I drink a cup or two of green tea on most days, but it is nothing I need to function properly.

4. Prioritize, simplify and get organized.

One of the big problem with most students are they have too much stuff to do and think about. Another big problem before F1 interview is perhaps not they are filled with things to do but that a lot of those things are stuff you really don’t feel like doing. You may feel that it’s just something that you should do. Prioritize, Plan and get things done months before going for F1 interview.

5. Take everything less serious before interview.

Iam talking about a attitude change here.Not easy.But try it you will love it.Taking things or yourself overly serious adds a lot of unnecessary stress to your life before F1 interview and you definitely don’t want it.Try giving up if you are in quarrel with your siblings. A minor situation may be blown up to a major one in your mind. If you just learn to lighten up a bit,more oxygen flows to your mind and you will be more stable and poised before the interview.

6. Decrease or put a stop to negative relationships.

If someone is always making you more stressed or creates a lot of negativity before F1 interview you may want to consider decreasing the amount of time you spend with them.Iam serious. Some people almost seem to like to dwell in negativity and to a large extent that is quite often their choice. It’s your choice if you want to participate.

7. Exercise.

A simple and time-tested way to decrease inner tension. Regular exercise can do wonders for both your mind and body before your interview. If you don’t feel like going to the gym, I suggest developing the habit of just doing it!

8. Hang out more with non-stressed people.

Who you socialize with, the human environment you live in can determine a lot about your stress levels. One way to lower your stress levels is simply to hang out more with relaxed and non-stressed people.May be your parents,friends or your girl friend.Who ever can make you happy hang out with them.

9. Go outside before interview

Just being out in the fresh air can clear your mind and make you feel more relaxed and energized. If your city has a beach go to beach and smell the fresh breeze.This will reduce lot of stress from your mind.

10. Belly breathing.

This is a really easy way to calm yourself down and for me it has worked pretty much every time before I went for F1 and H1B interviews. If you keep your focus on your belly breaths going in and out then it’s also a one good way to reconnect with the present moment. Here’s how you go about it:

  • Sit in a relaxing position with your legs apart.
  • Put your hands on your stomach. Using your stomach breathe in slowly through your nose. If you are doing it right your stomach will expand and you’ll feel it with your hands.
  • Breathe out slowly through your nose and do it with some force so you feel your stomach pull slightly inwards towards your spine.
  • Breathe in and out 30 times. Take slow and deep breaths.
  • After you have taken 30 breaths and focused on counting them you should not only feel more relaxed and centred. Your body will also be able to continue breathing in this manner without you focusing on it. And that’s it. Continue with your normal day.How to overcome Stress anxiety ?

11. Watch something funny.

Laughter is a great stress reliever. A simply and pretty much guaranteed way to laugh a bit is to watch or listen to something funny.Watch funny movies.Even if the movie doesn’t have any story,but is funny go for it.

12. Take a hot bath/shower.

I don’t have a bathtub, but I know that a lot of people really like to wind down and relax by taking a bath. I have however found that something as simple as a shower can make a difference too. It makes you feel fresh and relaxed once again.Take hot bath the evening before you are going for F1 interview and go to bed. This will be great stress buster.

13. Listen to relaxing music.

I like to listen to some movie soundtracks, a few classical pieces.This site has lot of tracks www.raaga.com. Select your favourite music and relax.

14. Get enough sleep.

When I don’t get enough sleep I’m more susceptible to – and have a harder time handling – stress and other kinds of negativity. One tip to improve your sleep is to cut down on caffeine. Another is to wind down before going to sleep. Read a fiction book, watch a bit of TV or something that doesn’t make you think too much. Avoid personal development books, non-fiction or other stimulation that can make your mind overly active. Otherwise you may spend an hour or two thinking and spinning in bed before you finally fall asleep.

15. Eat a proper breakfast.

Eating a proper brak fast before going to consulate is very important.Ask your Mom to make your favourite.Don’t dump your belly.Make it light.Have enough fluids.

16. Be prepared.

If you’re prepared with all the interview questions you will feel more confident and calm than if you are badly prepared or not prepared at all.

17. Be early.

Just be 10 or 15 minutes early. This very simple tip can cut down on stress quite a bit.

18. Get off the internet.

Carry your phone and leave it with the security.Browsing news and reading last minute answers can increase your stress.

Is there any other way to RELAX before F1 interview.Please post your comments.

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