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Many students may not know this. Believe me this is the best and easiest way to land an on-campus job.Sell yourself rather applying for jobs.Most of the jobs posted in student office,cafeteria,library will receive 100’s of applications not only from international students,but also from US students.Can you really compete with 100’s of applicants.Unless you impress the supervisor on the first meeting it’s unlikely you will receive a call.

So what you should do?Walk to professors and try to sell yourself.I had 3 on-campus jobs during my college. All were unadvertised. They were not posted. But, the professor created one after talking to me.Yes,in US if they like you,if they think you can contribute and add value to their research they will hire you even if they don’t have a position.

Here is an excellent example:

Let’s see a scenario where each student from different departments walking to department of Pharmocolgy can sell themselves.

Scenerio 1 Computer science student walking to Pharmacology Proff:

What can a computer science student contribute to department of Pharmacology? Totally irrevelant. Think. You can create a database using VB & SQL to store and manage their lab datas.You can create report functions to pull datas and map graphs and custom design a solution for their research.Make sense.Though you need to talk effective what you can do.It’s in your hands.

Scenerio 2 Mechanical Engineering Student walking to Pharmacology Proff:

Can a Mechanical engineering student offer anything to department of Pharmacology? Do you think no way? You must have some qualities that you can contribute to pharmacology. What is that? A pharmacology research usually involves Frog,Rat dissection to take eggs to map their genomes.A mechanical engineering student from India must have taken a science background in 12th grade and must have lab experience in dissecting Frogs.Can you sell yourself now ?

Scenerio 3 Electrical Engineering Student walking to Pharmacology Proff:

Electrical Engineering student into Pharmocology field. I don’t think so? They might need your expertise to know how electrical signals are sent from rat eyes to brains and how to interpret those signals to human understandable language.You may not know how to do this.But after initial research you should come up with a basic idea on how to do.

So,let’s say these 3 students walk to a Pharmocolgy professor,it’s most likely all these 3 students may end up in a job depending on what professor needs at that time.Things like this are not advertised.Hone your basic skills and communication before you walk in.Take appointment from professor if necessary.Not many Professors appreciate walking to their office without appointment.

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