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University: University of Nebraska (No aid)

GRE Score: 288 TOEFL Score: 98

I went in and said Good Morning.

VO: So u r going to the University of Nebraska

ME: Yes Sir.

VO: SO where have u done ur graduation from

ME: University of Pune sir…

VO: What have u done it in?

ME:BE Mechanical Sir 1st class..

VO: Why is your GRE verbal score low?? he pushes the score towards me

ME: (I think this is it he gives back the score and sends me off) I said that my initial answers went wrong and i could not recover my score even though the latter ones were right.. He seemed satisfied with the answer..

VO: How many universities did u apply for ?

ME: 8 sir.

VO:How many admits did u receive..?

ME:6 sir.

VO: Which universities rejected you??

ME: University of Houston (Houston) and Wayne state university (Detroit)

VO: Hmm so who is going to sponsor u >

ME: My Father is …

VO: What does he do

ME: he is a SR. VP. in ……….

VO: What is his income like/?

ME: I told him….

You will get your passport in 2 business day.Good luck for your studies.. I said thank you..

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