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I will post how to select universities for MS in our later articles.See how one of our blog reader used cheat sheet to finalize her universities.Thanks to Ranjana for sending this tips.

Tips form Ranjana

There are some important aspects one should consider before selecting a university that is suitable to your profile.Some of the important factors are


Every University has some minimum requirements to be fulfilled in order to give you admission. Some universities consider all the minimum requirements are fulfilled or not, while some other may compromise, if you have potential in other areas. So, it is better to choose the universities where you can cross all their minimums like GRE, TOEFL, GPA, AWA etc and always take some risk if you have good record in other requirements.


An average ranked university with research going on in your field of interest is always the best option to choose than a top university with no research in your area. A good university doesn’t mean that all the groups are equally good. So that you shouldn’t only choose a good university but you should choose a good university in your area of interest.


A university spending lot of money on research can be regarded as good university. While you analyze expenditures of top universities and average universities, you’ll find that top universities have expenditure of about 100 million dollars/yr while average universities spend around 20-30 Million dollars/yr.

University with good research expenditure can provide you good research assistance ships obviously as they have good funds available for research.


Financial Assistance is of four types

a) Scholarships:

This is given as a gift to you considering mainly your GRE scores if they are competitive with others. Life is a bed of roses in any university if you were given scholarship. But for MS it is difficult when compared to PhD.

b) Teaching Assistance ships:

You have to teach the undergraduate students the courses you have taken in your undergraduate course. Your grades in those subjects and your TOEFL score (100) are generally required to be eligible.

c) Research Assistance ships:

Your Undergraduate GPA or presentations that you have made in your undergraduate are important. You’ll be provided with funds by your professors who are undertaking the research. This assistance ship helps in your career growth.

d) Part time jobs:

Your extra skills and luck plays important role in getting a part time job.


Acceptance rate is one another factor to consider. Any university with 40% or more acceptance rate is good to consider. You should be aware of all the acceptance rates.

For example University of Southern California ranked 7th has ACCEPTANCE of 50%, while University of Nebraska Lincoln which has no rank has ACCEPTANCE of 30 %.


This Factor is very important when you are seriously trying for some kind of part-time jobs (on campus). When numbers of internationals are more obviously there is lot of competition for on campus jobs. Of course, if you have competitive profile then it is not so important.

7) FEES:Every University in US is grouped into public and private. While public universities have relatively low fees and have yearly fees like 15000$/yr , private universities have high fees and give on credit hour basis like 800$/ credit hour.Some universities may deceive you or attract you by giving good scholarships. But they have very high fees.

Note that a university with low fees and no scholarship is equal or better than a university with high fees and scholarship.

Please post your experience on how you selected your universities.


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  1. nitish says:

    I want best universities for MS in Computer Engg…..Btech ECE—75%
    Can I get admit from these Univs—–
    U of Colorado Boulder
    U of Florida Gainesville
    North Carolina St U
    U of Utah
    Oregon St U
    U of California Santa Cruz
    U of Texas Dallas
    U of North Carolina Charollette
    San Jose St U

  2. Aaradhana Rathore says:

    I am a graduate in Mechanical Engg. having scored 71% IN FINAL year of engg.
    & overall 61%
    I am interested in doing MS in Mech Engg. & looking for univercities with 0 tution fees or univercities where I may get assistance ship to set of heavy tution fee while doing MS

  3. kirandeep says:

    i have completed my MCA . i want to do MS in computer science
    my GRE score 292(quant=155,verbal=137) AWA=2
    what type of universities ahould i try?

  4. S. Sharma says:

    I have completed Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering. I have got 3.6 GPA out of 4 and 1150 (result not yet received) in GRE. What type of Universities should I try? Some universities have not disclosed their minimum score for GRE, what should I do? Is it essential for me to have an international paper published to expect for scholarships? How can I evaluate where I stand among the applicants?

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