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Moms are individual as snowflakes. Pretty much every student’s mom would come to airport for a send off and there will be emotional moments before you board the flight.Your mind fills with thought about how your mom grew you up, let it be either a time your mom gave you carrot and stick and there will be a time you thought she is the best in the world. But before you start your bon voyage there will be real change in your parents affection towards you especially from your mom.She cooks all different types of food you like,she makes pickles, masala powders etc.This is the time you realize she is the person behind all the efforts that made your dreams come true.So how to make your mom happy before boarding your flight and dilute emotions on that day. Believe me all though she is the most happiest person to see you fly,she is also the person will miss you the most.

1. Take her out : Couple of weeks before you leave, take her along with you for shopping. Get her feedback on the dresses you pick up. Make her involve in the process. Although you may not like the color or the dress she picks, it’s ok to pick one or two for your mom.

2.Help your mom: Do share the housework with her. Make your cook a meal, wash your own dishes, cut vegetables with her. This way you can also learn her cooking. Ask questions, what masala she use, how long to steam etc..

3.Buy her a present watch, a nice silk saree. Moms would love sarees. Will make her real happy. Although she might have big collection this one will surely count.

4. Tell her how some of the best qualities came from her. She will love the compliment, but she will be more thrilled that you’ve reflected on this.

5. Tell her about something going on in your life and then ask her about what things were like when she was this age. Most moms want their kids to know that they’re not that far away from their kids. The memories of being a young adult are still vivid and life was equally exciting and perplexing.

6. Take a photo of you and your mom together, print it, and frame it. She’ll think of you and that moment every time she looks at it.

7. Buy her a personal cell phone and say you will call her everyday. Most cell phones comes with camera and with google apps you can show your face everyday to her. Although expensive as a student it’s really worth it.

8.Finally on the day of the flight, take a nap on her lap for an hour and tell “I really love you mom”.  Sincerely tell her what a great mom she has been and what a happy childhood you had. Then, the absolute best thing you can do is to tell her that you still value her wisdom and experience and that you’re grateful she’s the one that is still scouting ahead for you, and you’ll always need her good advice. Now top it off with a cherry by hugging and say “I really love you Mom.”

If you had any other ideas please post it to other students.

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