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  • Ahsland University, OH
  • California State University, Fullerton – offers conditional admission without a TOEFL score. Students join the American Language Program which offers 24 hours per week of intensive academically oriented English. Students remain in the program taking one or more university classes when they are in our upper levels until they meet the university’s language requirement which is 550 pbt, 61 ibt or 5.5 IELTS.
  • Clark University, MA – we would consider a student with a 60-69 TOEFL for conditional admission (full-time enrollment in our ESL program for at least one semester- depending on performance student would then be able to enter the university with no additional application).  Scores of 70-79 would qualify a student for provisional admission, which equates to 2 university classes and 2 ESL.
  • Dean College, MA
  • George Mason, VA – Mason has a phenomenal set of programs for students developing English proficiency.  Our English Language Institute is a traditional very well known ESL program.  Our newer Access program for students nearing proficiency is a full immersion program with terrific support that allows students to complete most of their freshman year while obtaining English proficiency.
  • Hawai’i Pacific University – ESL program and bridge to University
  • The University of Idaho offers deferred admission (conditional admission).  They can enter our American Language and Culture Program and upon successful completion, may begin their academic studies.  We also offer concurrent enrollment to those who are in the top two levels of the ALCP program, meaning that they may be allowed to register in one or two academic courses along with ALCP.
  • Idaho State University – Idaho State University has a TOEFL requirement of 61iBT for regular undergraduate admission. ISU also offers conditional admission to international applicants who meet all other requirements of regular admission, provided they apply to ELS Language Centers (our center in Pocatello, ID or any other). If such a student completes ELS level 112, they become admissible to the university, provided all documentation requirements are met.
  • La Roche College, PA – no score, have own ESL program
  • Maryville College, TN – Students who are admitted with no or low TOEFL or IELTS scores are tested upon arrival.  Depending on the test results, they are either placed in our undergraduate program or in our ESL program.  Students who take ESL classes first can get college credit for their ESL studies.   
  • Michigan State University – “Provisional Student” option – can take all English Learning clases only, or half ESL and half regular, or all regular. For iBT normal admit – 79 no subscore below 17; provisional – anywhere between 45 and 78.
  • Missouri Valley College - We currently don’t ask for a TOEFL score for admissions. We have 2-3 ESL  classes each semester that students can take along some other non-language intensive general core classes during their first and second semester as needed.
  • Mount Ida College, MA – student lives on campus taking English classes first year then doesn’t have to retake TOEFL, but matriculates into regular classes. www.mountida.edu
  • Miami University of Ohio – offers conditional admission to international students with low TOEFL or IELTS test score.  This is also available to international students who are enrolled in U.S. high school and still struggles with English.  Our minimum TOEFL requirement is 72 iBT (IELTS 6.0) and students who are in the test range of 65-71 (or IELTS 5.5), who otherwise are academically ready, will be considered on a conditional admission basis.  Unfortunately, we cannot waive the test requirement; this is to determine if the program is appropriate for the applicant. 

The bridge program is called American English and Culture Program (AECP).  Our first cohort is expected to begin fall 2011.  The very unique part about the program is it is for college credit!  Students will graduate on time within 4 years, and the courses will count towards their degree at Miami.  The AECP web is www.muohio.edu/AmericanEnglish  It is work in progress, so please check back in a month or so. 

  • Pittsburg State University, PA – offers condition accepts to both undergraduate and graduate students with lower TOEFL/IELTS scores.  These students will be placed in our Intensive English Program.  Students entering this program will take a placement test upon arrival and be placed in one of 6 levels of courses — each lasting eight weeks.  Once a student has passed the final level they are able to enroll in their degree program full time without having to take further English testing.  Students may also present a passing TOEFL/IELTS score at any time and be fully admitted to their degree program.
  • Rider University, NJ – If a student is otherwise admissible to Rider, based upon grades and SAT scores (if appropriate), we will consider a student for conditional admission through our English Language Institute. The minimum TOEFL for conditional acceptance would typically be 60, but we might have some flexibility with a student who is already in the States. Based upon the student’s proficiency, the student would enroll in one or two semesters of ESL work before transitioning to a full-time degree program. Students can live on campus, within our regular population of students.
  • Slippery Rock University, PA – Slippery Rock University accepts undergraduate students at or very near the following TOEFL results:  500 paper-based/173 computer-based/61 internet-based.  We do not have a full ESL program but do offer a summer bridge program for students who fall short of the above results as well as for those who would like to participate for their own enrichment.
  • South Dakota School of Mines & Technology We have recently added information regarding conditional admission for ESL on our web site at http://international.sdsmt.edu/new-students/admissions/English/
  • Strayer University,
  • Southeast Missouri State University – .  We conditionally admit students to our ESL program and our undergraduate or graduate degree.  This usually means that they complete our ESL program (or obtain the requisite score) to move into the university degree programs.  There are some students who “bridge”, that is they are given permission to take a mixture of undergraduate and ESL courses when they have reached the higher levels of our ESL program.
  • University of Toronto - we have a few small programs in place.  No one is exempted from having to present results on a test of English that we would normally recognize for admission purposes; we will just go a little lower in our normal EFT score requirements for academically admissible students in admitting them conditionally to these ESL programs. 
  • Valparaiso University, IN – waives for students starting ESL program has a bridge program for select international students with good character and academic background but who need some additional English help.  Our program is called INTERLINK: http://interlinkesl.com/vu/
  • Westminster College, UT - we accept students with a 45 or higher on the ibt. We have three tracks that students can enter depending on their English level.
    1) WESLI Foundation Program: This is for students who have between 45-60. Not only do we offer English courses, but also activities throughout Salt Lake City and courses on adapting and succeeding in the U.S. Education system. We have intakes for this program in June and August. The program is an excellent deal for summer because students pay only $3,000 for tuition, housing and all the program activities. In fall, they pay the standard tuition.
    2) Westminster Bridge Program: This is for students who have between 60-78. Basically students wh o enter this track will be taking two ESL courses and two regular courses.
    3) Regular Admission: This is for students who have a 79 or over.

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