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Sir, I have been reading your blog for sometime and found lot of useful information.My GRE is 840 and I like to know how to answer if visa officer asked me why your gre is low.Actually,I didn’t prepare well.I just studied for 3 weeks.Can I lie I had to undergo surgery and didn’t prepare.How to answer this and not get caught.I will be thankful if you can please reply – Abishek ,Mumbai,INDIA

Well,we don’t advise students on lying to anyone,that too not with visa officer.They are trained on how to pick students who are lying.They look for facial expressions, body language and words to find who is lying.You need to be a real lying GURU to overcome VO experts.However,there are students who always lie and still end up getting visa.Tell me how many students really have goals in life before coming to US.Students,make one just to answer why are you going to us? Or why did you select this university questions.

There is a popular perception that when people lie they scratch their nose and play with their hair. Turns out, that’s a lie. Researchers from the University of Portsmouth in Great Britain and the University of Bergamo in Italy have found that when people lie they tend to stay still because they are acutely aware their body language might give them away. In fact, liars touch their noses 20 percent less than truth-tellers. Such gestures, according to study co-author Dr. Samantha Mann, are called self-adaptor gestures and are used to comfort the person who is feeling vulnerable or exposed, reports the BBC News.

If you decide to try your talents (speaking lies) with VO you need to follow principles of talented liars. Talented liar’s doesn’t give in to that feeling of vulnerability and instead stays very still. In a study of 130 volunteers and, the liars were just as likely to look the questioner in the eye as those who were telling the truth. May be you should follow the same thing.Look into VO eyes confidently.VO will pick students who are nervous and shifty and to fidget more, but talented liars never shows these emotions.” Mann told the BBC.

Here are three subtle signs of lying VO will look for.Do the opposite and you might just get away with it:

1. Very formal speech
This is characterized by long words and painfully correct grammar. The liar is likely to use the full form of words and phrases that would normally be shortened so the speech sounds scripted instead of natural.Do the opposite.Be natural

2. Justification
Question the liar and he or she will attempt to justify every detail with lengthy explanations. Do the opposite.Never explain in detail unless questioned.

3. Disparity
Watch carefully and you’re likely to see a mismatch between the liar’s tone of voice and facial expression.Do the opposite never show any difference in voice or facial expression

Things you can’t lie with VO:

  • About GRE or TOEFL scores (Report will be in VO’s hand)
  •  Backlogs (Your consolidated mark sheet will tell VO that you are lying)
  • Your sponsor’s financial information( pay slips,taxes will prove otherwise)

 Things you could probably get away with VO:

  • How many siblings do you have (I have 2 sisters.Mostly, you will not have evidence to prove this).Reality – you might not have any siblings.You might have told just to prove you have ties to your country
  • What are they doing (My 1st sister married and settled in Pune,My 2nd is in college) Reality – You have 2 brothers in US holding PR.
  • Why did you select this university? – This university offers specialization and research in the area of my interest blahblah…Reality – You simply want to go to US for studies,not really interested in same research,You just want RA,TA or GA anywhere to fund your education.
  • What are your long term goals?- Sir,I want to contribute my education to my country and work for a multinational company etc..blahblah….Reality- You don’t intend to return after completion of your studies.

You need to plan and meticulously architect your answers,if you decide to lie.Not only planning is sufficient you need to practice your answers naturally without showing any facial expressions and prepare to answers atleast 2-3 funneling questions if you are grilled on the same topic. ;-)

Note: This blog never recommends or encourage students to lie during application, admission or visa process. You will be permanently barred from entering into US and may have to face legal procedures if found guilty. VO’s are trained and are experts in detecting such a behaviour.This article is just a discussion on the topic and never intend to encourage students to lie.

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