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Hi,I applied to 6 universities in december 2011 and I thought I would get admission from atleast 2-3 universities.I didn’t get reply from any universities.Iam worried about admission now.I just received confirmation for receiving application.Please help.How long does it take to get an answer from universities?.Iam thinking of applying again to couple other universities.Iam not sure if I followed the application process perfectly.Can you quickly brief the US application process.My parents are also worried about the outcome.I studied very hard for GRE.My future is in jeoparady.Please help – Arun,India

On our various occasions we get a unique opportunity to interact with prospective students with different circumstances,especially from India. In so doing, we find certain commonalities that are nonetheless inhibiting their aspirations.

You didn’t mention what your GRE score is or GPA.Also we need information about universities you applied.Most students with very avergage percentage shoot for dream universities.You should consider SAFE,TARGET AND DREAM Univeristies to balance your application process.

Almost universally, students are obsessed with the admission process from the word get-go. That is flawed for several reasons.

Although we recognized that there are severe trepidation about embarking on the admission process, it is totally impractical to make it the initial focus.

Still, understanding that it is the penultimate point in the process, the antecedent procedures are just as critical and may well lessen the admission process anxiety once they are put in proper perspective.

Step 1

Our advice to students then is to focus FIRST and foremost on a family discussion about your quest to study. Be sure to discern that the financial means are available.

We would love to send out a universal message to all those wonderful and brilliant students from India, in particular who believe that a full scholarship in an American university is available for the asking.That is a profound myth. An email to an administrator or professor will NOT get you a scholarship regardless of how well you explain your unfortunate family circumstances.

If such a scholarship exists, and they are few and far between, they will be available on merit–objective factors such as a perfect GRE score. So step one, get the finances in order, see what the family can afford and then go to step two.

Step 2

Look into universities that you can afford that offer the programs you seek and wield the best possible reputations. In other words, try to get the best that your family can afford.

A partial scholarship, tuition reduction program, a relative living close by who can accommodate you, will all enhance your spending power.

Make sure that you meet the admission requirements and even better, make sure you stand attractively enough to gain whatever award that university may offer.

Step 3

Go through the application process and financial qualification process.

Once you have an admission—and once you are assured of getting an I-20, then and only then does the visa process become relevant.

In effect, the process that most student put first, is really the penultimate process next to actually traveling to the university.

Many students ask about obtaining  F1 student visa. This is something we can help as well in preparation.Please contact us.

Stop Worrying

In short, the anxiety about the visa process is somewhat warranted, especially if your finances are marginal, your intent is dishonorable, and your study plans are not clear. However, worrying never helps it is prudent to get help with this process from competent sources. We can certainly help you with securing admission in top US public university.

But you also can’t have a mindset of “beating” the embassy. Rather, it should be on communicating your truthful intent more intelligently.

Good luck with the process! But first build the foundation, put things in the proper order and perspective, and the rest will fall in line.

I want to keep the explanation simple.This is more of a top level process.If you need comprehensive admission help please contact us.

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  1. Aishwarya says:

    My GRE score is 303.
    Verbal – 146
    Quants – 157
    BE CSE 77%
    1.5 years work experience
    Which University will I get.
    Please help!

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