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Got request from our reader Kaushik

“Hello Sir,I was admitted to XXU for fall 2011 and I sent an e-mail last week requesting for assistantship .I send the e-mail to chairperson. He replied that he is looking for somebody with strong experience and background in environmental engineeiring.I have 4 years working with Pxxxxxxtech (P) Ltd in environmental engineering.I don’t know what more experience he is expecting Iam disappointed with his email. How can I get assistantship?”


You should actually be excited . He says he is looking for somebody with strong experience and background in EE. It just means there is a position available with him. Our understanding is your resume should have matched with his research interests. Couple of other things might have happened.

  • Was it your first e-mail with him ? If so, you should never request funding on your 1st email.
  • Did you study his research interests and background before sending an e-mail? A clumsy letter or resume might not give an impression even if you have 4 years of experience
  • Iam pretty sure with 4 yrs of EE experience you probably had good knowledge of what he is talking about. You jus did not mention that in your resume or e-mail.
  • You have to show how you can help and contribute him in his research
  • Did you check if any of the research matches the paper you have presented. Have that as common point to convey your interest.

Do these research again and talk to him. Make sure you are strong on fundamentals and topics of his research interests.This time give him a call only if you can seriously contribute to his research.Good luck !

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