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Visa rejected on june 1 at hyderabad consulate for wright state university.

hi guys this is manoj i got rejected on june 1 at hyderabad consulate….

my counter number was 13, a young officer rejected two people before me and next was my chance.

Me: Good morning sir
VO : hi, please pass the documents(i passed them)
VO: whats your b-tech percentage?
Me: I have 71%.
VO: Do u hav any backlogs?
me: i have 1 in my 1st yr,cleared in next attempt with 87%.
vo: wats ur gre
me: 292(155Q 137 V 3.0Awa)
vo: do u thing this is good gre?
me: no sir, i dnt think its good gre,its because of low verbal score which i have (said the reason like there was a deadline for project report submission so i was busy with the literature work, the deadline was very close to my gre.)
vo: but you can take gre in any month like jan, feb, mar,….
me: yes sir but i have blocked my date before the deadline was fixed.
vo: you might have canceled your date.
me: i was doing well through my practice test so i thought it would be the same.
vo: why this university?
me: this univ provides good course work in my field of interest(wireless)
vo: there are many universites that provide wireless y only this?
me: its a research oriented university and was saying some thing about the professors….
vo: everybody says the same…. “BE HONEST” ( he used this word)
me: this is the best univ that suits my profile.
vo: you are not convincing me…. and gave 214 b

guys plz help me what changes should i have to do.

Reason for Rejection:

  • Low GRE
  • Should not use the same generic verbage for your answers what other students do.Just imagineVO gets the same answer (its a research oriented university and this is the best univ that suits my profile ) from hundreds of students,I would definitely get pissed off at one time.You should create a unique answer that clearly defines why this university is best suited for wireless course.You should have taken points from university and department website and merge your answers with long term goals.Iam not satisfied either.

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  1. manojdev says:

    What would be the best answers for these questions in the 2nd interview after my 1st which is as above….

    1) why do you think you were rejected last time?

    2) since there was is a gap more than 1month for my 2nd interview which i am planing to take in 1st or 2nd week of july…. what to say if the VO asks why you have taken so much time to appear for 2nd time?

    3) my gre is 292 (155Q 137V 3.0AWA) previous VO felt that my verbal was bit low…. why low gre or do you think this is good gre?

    4)How did you know about this universities?

    Its like the VO are interrupting for every 1 sentence and was asking a counter question for that…. what are the possible different questions that can be asked for 2nd interview….

    Please do help me….

    • AEG says:

      When are you planning to take the 2nd interview?If your visa is rejected this sem and you are applying again for this sem your chances are very very slim.Take time.Your situation should have considerably changed and that takes time and that’s how VO looks into it.

  2. manojdev says:

    Is there any chance of highlighting that point…. will it be a problem for me in the next interview?

  3. manojdev says:

    Thanx for ur suggestion but i still dnt understand what answer does he expected for the word ” BE HONEST”. what might be his expectations?

    • AEG says:

      Every one says the same.He thinks there might be other reasons why you choose this university.
      Siblings in the same city, went through consultants , no other I-20 ,cheap university etc….

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