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Me: good morning madam..

VO: good morning sir..give ur application and passport…
Me: gave…she was busy typing in computer…

VO: Why USA?
Me: Told..US is recognized for global education. some other points….

VO: Which course?
Me: Told(cs)…

VO: y this course?
Me: Told

VO: Can I see ur individual mark sheets…
Me: Gave..after seeing she returned my mark sheets….
she was talking to man behind her drinking coffee or something…discussing about me..i think she was talking about me and my profile…he was listening my interview…his expressions were like go on..v can issue visa for him…

VO: Who is sponsoring u?
Me: Told…earning of parents and all….she was again talking to him…

VO :D o u applied only this course and any other?
Me: What madam…

VO: Have u applied only this course and any other?
Me: only this course(computer science)

VO: Can u tell me specialization..that is subjects..
Me:Told.. some subjects names of my interest and they have good job opportunities in India.

VO:Ok sir i’m issuing a visa..u will get by post in 2-3 days…
Me: thank u very much madam.

she didn’t even check my documents except my memos…I have low accads..55% and 6 backlogs…

 I observed students all at interview got their visas…and i think it work out when u go to XXXXX…i think she is new VO.

All the best guyz…..Now, Hyd consulate is 100 times better than chennnai….

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  1. may i know that whether she asked u about ur gre score..???

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