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(Use this header if you are sending your request through regular mail)

Prof.Annamalai Ravichandran PhD
Nehru University
123 E. Netaji Rd.
Hyderabad 10525

Respected Prof.Ravichandran,

(OPENING STATEMENT: State in one or two sentences your purpose of writing to your instructor. for example, “I am writing to you about requesting recommendation letter for my US university application, etc. etc. etc.”)

(2ND PARAGRAPH: Remind the professor, who you are and what you did in the class and what course you took. For example, I took thermodynamics class in my 4th semester B.E and I was part of XXX project under your guidance etc…)

(3RD PARAGRAPH: Give them an idea of what to write based on the documents that you’ve given them to help you remember who you are and what your accomplishments are.For example, “In my final semester during March 2012 I took production engineering and scored 73% in my course. I have taken 2 other classes (xxx & xxx) under your guidance. It’s good to point out things that you improved (backlogs if any. Failed in a semester and got good percentage in the next semester).Recollect a presentation that you did under him and request him to put a comment about your communication and presentation skills. If you are requesting a letter from a professor under who you did your final year project, request him to write about team playing skills and your individual attributes. Just try and point out good things about yourself because they aren’t going to pick up on every one of your good qualities, so POLITELY remind them of any achievements or personality traits you might have. This may sound kind of conceited but the more material you give them to work with the better the letter of recommendation is going to be. You are basically doing all the thinking for them in this paragraph.)

Thank him sincerely. Remind them in this statement briefly of the due date. and also tell them when you’ll check up on them to give a reminder of the due date
EXAMPLE: “Thank you for your support! The due date [for this letter] is November 5th, but, I will drop by to give you a reminder on the 1st.)


Your name here

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