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More than 100,000 students come from India for higher studies in US. How many of them are serious about long term goal and how many can really prove, an education from US is going to benefit their long term goal? Most of the students are not serious and some may even do not have a goal and long term plan. MS in US have become a fashion sort of for many and coming to US is a family prestige for some others.

Now coming to the point, how can you prove that you are serious student?

  • ¬†Show that you have good grades. Above 70% in always considered above average and many students who have such grades do no have problem securing a visa.
  • If you completed your graduation and applying for MS the following semester/year show that you have continuously enrolled in certification course related to MS you are planning to do.
  • If you have received authorization for reduced course structure, be prepared to show proof and answer questions about this.
  • If possible show that you have paid the fee for the first semester for the course you are planning to enroll. Make sure to go through university refund policy if for any reasons your visa gets rejected.
  • Show that your bachelors, certification courses, work experience (if any) and MS degree courses are aligned to your long term goals.
  • Give a strong technical reason for questions¬†”why you want to study in US “? and why did you select this course and must be related to overall background and future goals.

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