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Applying to US university as an international student is a long-term project that involves several steps. The key to a successful application is to be ahead of schedule in terms of the application deadline . Other important deadlines and tasks involve applying for financial aid, finding a place to live etc. The process of applying to a US university typically begins about 18 months from the time you decide to study in US.

1 )Decide what major you want to pursue.You should know what specialization you would like to take.Compuer science or computer engineering?Civil or Environemental engineering?.If you can’t make up your mind or if you don’t know how to proceed it simply means you don’t have any goal and might have difficulty in putting down your goal in SOP.How long can you take to decide on this.Well you should know during your final year on what field you are going to take.It should be ingrained in your mind during your final year.

2) Secondly Prepare for GMAT/GRE, TOEFL/IELTS.Try to put 8-10 hrs in preparation everyday.Go to coaching center,take online test,read GRE vocubaluray.Have a timeline when you want to take your exam.You should meet your target everyday during preparation to be successful in the standardized test.Keep track for performance and try to achieve your goal.

3) Obtain an application timeline from the university website you wish to attend. This timeline will show you the deadlines for applications, essays, scholarship applications and housing requests. It may also show how they relate to the start of the first term that you will attend. This should be done about 12-15 months from the start of your first term.

4) Start preparing your application and writing your essays that may be required for admission. This process should be complete typically by the Dec-Jan for the fall term. In addition, all necessary tests that may be required, such as GRE,TOEFL should be completed and you should have your scores on hand.

5) Request your Professors for reco’s and get financial statement from your bank by Jan end.

6)Send your applications to university by January or beginning of February for fall.If you are applying for scholarship and assistantship the deadline is for top schools will be Nov or Dec.So plan accordingly.Pay attention to early and regular admission dates. The earlier you apply, the better chances you will get admitted.

 7) Once you receive I-20,make a decision about which university will attend.

-Sowmya,Fall 2011,University of Austin,TX

Thanks to Sowmya for her guest post.If you would like to write to us on your experience on GRE,TOEFL,admission or F1 visa please send it to admin@aegedu.com

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