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What is the first word that comes to your mind when someone mentions the word BMW?Most probably this word will either be luxury, elegance or money.What is the first word that comes to your mind when someone mentions Volvo?Most people will think of the word “safe”.

Why did you think of certain words when you heard these brands names?This happened because the manufacturers of those brands created an impression in  certain part of your mind. For marketing people, impression is associating a product with a certain image that is printed in the person’s mind.

So you may be wondering, what does this have to do with F1 interview? There is actually a strong relation between the two. Ever asked yourself: what is the first word that comes to your friend’s mind when your name is mentioned? Is it “strong”? Is it “confident”? Or is it “loser”?. Instead of asking a close friend, try asking a friend who knew you only for couple of days or seen you only 1-2 times. VO will probably feel / interpret the same way, how your new friend saw you for the first time.This probably because there are lot of factors that created a picture about yourself in your friends mind when he met you for the first time. Ask him to be honest. Confident, Funny, Lazy, Strong or whatever words he can describe you. Try repeat with 2-3 such friends and you will come to know how others feel about you during the first meet.

The word that comes to their minds reflects your impression strategy and how successful you will be in F1 Visa interview.

How to MAKE an impression?

Now that you know the importance of creating an impression, so what you should do ?

  • First Impression: The first impression you create during 30 seconds is very important. Even before you start talking VO can form an impression of you. There are some very good techniques that you can use to leave a very good first impression.  How to Treat VO as your friend
  • Color Psychology: Every color that you wear leaves a certain impression in  VO’s mind. Wearing dark blue will leave the impression that you are loyal and trustworthy while wearing red may leave the impression that you are confident and energetic.While wearing a light color will create you are mature and wise. Choosing a dress color for F1 interview is very critical for that first impression.How to dress up for F1 Visa interview ?
  • Body Language: You can force VO to form a good impression of you without even speaking to him just by manipulating your body language. The way you stand, the way you look at his eyes, the way you keep you hands on the interview window etc. Every thing matters.8 Ways to show body confidence for F1 Visa interview
  • Your Voice Tone: Another important part of body language is the tone of voice. Your tone can make you appear wise, confident or energetic. Be bit louder. Not too loud. This gives VO an impression that you are confident and truthful on what you are saying.

Everything you do while standing on line and before VO and for the first 15-30 seconds  can create a strong impression about you. The strategy is simple! work towards body language, eye contact and pick dress wisely. This is the secret of creating a first impression with VO. Was this article helpful ?.We would appreciate if you can give us a thumbs in face book.

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