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Creative visualization, has been used for centuries to help alleviate pains and heal people. Words and thoughts produce pictures and images inside our minds. These pictures, coupled with our wonderfully creative imaginations, can really help you through F1 interview successfully. I believe creative visualization, makes the feelings and images generated extremely powerful.

Generally before going for F1 interview it is really important to visualize the outcome in a positive way. What we picture, what we think, and what we imagine are really, really important. Let me give you an example: There are students in our class who talk to us after failed F1 interview attempts. These students ask questions like what should I answer if VO ask me why my GRE is low?My sibling is in US, What should I tell if VO ask me about this? Remember they ask these questions after their first failed attempt. Most of them got 214(b) – potential immigrant. Well, I would say for some reason, they simply lost their nerve during their interview and shows they didn’t prepare well for their interview. However, there are also other categories of students even after failing in the first interview sounds very positive, corrected their mistakes from the previous interview and cracked the F1 interview in the second attempt. Remember, Iam talking about students with similar profile going to the same US Consulate to the same university? What’s happening? So what’s the difference between these two sets of students? Because the later strongly believed and thought he could crack the interview if he stayed positive. To stay positive, it’s important for you to have a positive visualization about your scenario.

Because thoughts are pictures in our minds, and these pictures are visualizations, what we think we can do we can accomplish. That’s why in my previous articles I talk lot about relaxation, confidence, communication and how to stay positive before F1 interview.

If a student were to e-mail me for help with a fear of F1 interview, I would assume that,  they picture themselves making a lot of mistakes or feeling nervous. In this case, the trick is to help the student to change their internal pictures or imaginings of the interview and begin to see him or herself as capable of easily cracking the F1 interview. Creative visualization is particularly successful at this. The pictures in one’s mind are very important in shaping our beliefs.

Some student say they have trouble picturing things or do not have a good imagination, but I think we all can do it in our own way. Sure, some students may be able to have very vivid, panoramic views of the interview ,but not all of us have this experience. We may only be able to get a sense of things or have a brief flash of an image in our mind. It’s ok. Just visualize you are standing in the line waiting for F1 interview, visualize you are standing before the window and having a friendly conversation with VO, Visualize talking with multiple VO’s (both men & women, so you are not stunned when you see an opposite gender interviewing you).Everyone’s visual sensory system is different, but images don’t have to be particularly vivid to have an effect on our subconscious mind.

The mind is an incredibly powerful thing, make use of this to overcome your interview .If you like this article please encourage us by giving thumbs up in face book.

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