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There are documents that you can use to prove that you will return. Some of them are strong financial documents, Property & Land documents, and Employment offer letters.

If you have a substantial bank, stocks and fixed deposit account, that is a good reason to return. If you are going as a student and then expect to return back and work at a certain job/company, ask your employer to write a letter stating they expect to employ you upon completion of your studies. If you have strong ties to your family, it is also expected that you will come back to be with your family; especially if you are leaving your wife and children behind. Strong ties also include multiple siblings married and settled in your country.Father owning a firm in your country and sending his son/daughter for higher studies also translates to returning back to country to take care of his company.

These documents are just examples and are necessary to avoid 214(b) (potential immigrant) notice.

All these doesn’t mean that you will return ,but that’s the way US embassy interpret things.

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