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First you have to make a decision whether you really want to do PhD in US.Doing PhD is a long term commitment and requires you to overcome more mental and financial pressure.If you want to go into research field after your completion or you want to apply for a position as a lecturer/professor in a university,then PhD should be your option.Here a step by step guide on how to apply for PhD in US universities

1) Decide what you want to research.Be specific.If you don’t know what you want to research,it means you are simply coming to US for studies without any educational motive.So you should chart a goal before you start and be firm on what you want.

 2) Take GRE /GMAT /TOEFL/IETLS Standardized test .Meanwhile prepare your statement of purpose

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3) Contact your professors from university where you graduated from to write recommendation letter for your studies.Click here to see how a average and strong recommendation looks like.Your recommendation letter may be decide whether you will end with funding or not. So better take time to clearly explain you current/former professors that recommendation letter meant lot to you for your studies.If possible give a page or two about your interests and courses you took with professors, because professors may not really remember each and every student.

4) Finalize atleast 6 universities that matches your profile.2 –Dream universities;2-Target universities and 2-Safe admit universities. How to select universities for graduate studies in USA ? Need help to select your universities? Register here

5) Email the professor that you are very much interested in their research work and would like to contribute .Your first email should never talk about funding.Don’t screw up!!!

6) Send application to Universities.

  •  Make sure you have strong SOP and recommendation letters sent
  • Don’t forget to send a copy of your publications.Your work should be directly related to work the professor is working on and should make sense for him to have you in his team.
  •   Once you complete your application , email the professor  about your application.
  • Some times universities may require you to take personal interview with professor before offering an admission. Be ready for it !!!.Most PhD in Administration requires such interviews. Sometimes it just a casual conversation between you and the professor in the department.
  •  If they are satisfied with your answers and application you will receive your admission. Sometimes thay might send offer letter to you. You might need to sign it and sent it back to university

Now you have received the admission for PhD. Typical timeline to complete about 1 to 1 and half years.

F1 Visa Preparation for PhD

  1. Once you get your I-20 .Start preparing for F1 interview
  2. Start working on preparing financial documents,Loan documents,.Look for reporting date in I-20 and plan accoeding for F1 interview
  3. You could attend reach university 30 days before your program starts.So prepare accordingly.
  4. Fill your form DS 160.
  5. Pay SEVIS fee, need to pay only 200$, you can use print out for your visa interview.
  6. Pay HDFC fee for visa interview. It will be activated in 2 business days.After 2 days book visa interview date according toy our convenience.
  7. Menwhile go through F1 visa interview experiences / page in our blog.It will tremendously boost your confidence
  8. Prepare answers for this complete list of questions and try funneling each questions and practice them in front of mirror.
  9. Once approved book your ticket in advance.Look for air ticket deals for students online or in your city.
  10. Make arrangements for your stay in university.Contact you student association and let them know that you need help for couple of days to find an apartment if you plan to stay off-campus.

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