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What is Financial Summary Document?

As the name indicates, it’s a document showing complete summary of your sponsor financials including amount of liquid cash in Banks , Fixed deposits, Loans, Shares, Bonds that are provided by the sponsor to you.

Is it Mandatory?

None of the US consulate has mentioned this document as mandatory. The reason why this document will help VO is, it will provide a quick overview of your sponsors entire financial strength. VO’s simply doesn’t have time to add your bank balance, fixed deposit or any scholarships you may have to find if you meet financial requirements mentioned on your I-20.All VO need is the final number mentioned on this page.Don’t forget to highlight the final available amount.

Additional tips:

  • Keep the document to 1 page
  • Use conversion rate from http://xe.com/ucc
  • Show the conversion rate used
  • Take all originals you mention on this document (Original passbook, shares, stocks etc..)

                            Download in PDF

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