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University: University of Southern California (No aid)

GRE Score: 1240 TOEFL Score :102

 She: USC?

Me: Yes

She: Show me TOEFL and GRE

Me: Showed

She: Expensive place. How’re you paying

Me: Showed summary of assets (2 pages).

She: Show tax returns for dad.

Me: I don’t have one. He’s NRI

She: Why’s he NRI?

Me: He’s a shippie

She: What’s his pay like?

Me: Gave approx figure, probably wrong and too less

She: So how can he pay, it’s less!

She: Show bank statement

Me: Showed. Lady looks at the last entry of the deposit

Me: That’s the last entry Mam, the total is here: (shows summary page again. she finally figures it out) (It gets better!)

She: I don’t see any evidence that you’ll come back. (almost word for word

what she said!)

Me: I’m the only child !!I will be back

She: Hmm. *examines app form* Do you have any siblings?

Me: Nope!!.. Didn’t I just answer mam

She: Your dad’s a shippie, why do you want to do MS?

Me: I’m interested in computers!.

She: Scribbles something on pink Slip

Me: What.214(b).I will be back mam.

She: Please apply again next time.

 I didn’t do any mistakes.I have a good GRE and TOEFL.Can you please guide me where I went wrong?

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