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1. Do not arrive at the consulate more than 30 min ahead of your time. Carry an umbrella, imagine what will happen if it rains.If it’s too hot imagine,you will sweat profusely.You can always leave your belongings at the security
2. Be prepared for a good waiting time and delay once you are inside.Wait relax and notice want’s going on around.Utilize this time to take some breath and to relax
3. Have food before getting to the consulate as there is no food around.Don’t dump your stomach with food.This is not the time to enjoy your food.
4. Prepare yourself to be patient.
5. Ensure that all your documents are perfect, do not fake anything.
6. Do not lie. It doesn’t make sense and if they read you, end of story!
7. Before getting to the consulate, convince yourself the following
            a) You are coming back to India after your course
            b) You have reasons to come back
            c) Your course makes sense professionally (improved salary, diff job profile…)
            d) You will be able to pay for the course even without finding a part time job
            e) You will be able to pay for the loan/ family funds after coming back
8. Do not beat around the bush. Give direct answers and don’t answer more than what the question demands
9. Speak slowly and confidently when you answer.Speak little bit loud.This gives VO an impression that you are confident.
10. Wait for the question and hear it properly. Listen ! Listen !.Don’t repeatedly ask Can you repeat that question please? Gives bad impression.
11. Be prepared with all the documents but do not present them unless you are asked specifically for any of them.Never ever give documents that are not asked.
12. Be extremely organized. Get a good large file with multiple compartments. Put each document in a separate labeled compartment. It helps in easy access.

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