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These are basic questions for F1 visa interview.Try to funnel each questions for your background and come up with answers.Also make sure you have documents to backup your answers.

Country & Degree

  1. Why are you going to US?
  2. Why do you plan to do BS/MS/PHD?
  3. This subjects are taught in this country why specifically US?


  1. What other universities did you apply for?
  2. Why did you select this university over other universities?
  3. What other universities accepted you?
  4. Tell me about the university you are going?
  5. Where did you hear about this university?
  6. Where is this university located?
  7. Why did you apply to these universities?
  8. Mention some professor’s names?
  9. Did you get in touch with any professors from this university?
  10. What courses are you planning to take during your studies?
  11. Are you planning to work off campus while studying?
  12. How long will you study in USA?
  13. Do you plan to study Ph D after MS? Or MS after BS?
  14. Do you know anybody at this university?
  15. What courses are you planning to take?
  16. What specialization are you planning to do?

 High School/Undergraduate/Masters

  1. What is your academic background?
  2. Where did you complete your high school / bachelors/masters?
  3. What is your Percentage?
  4. Did you have any backlogs?
  5. When did you graduate?


  1. Did you apply for scholarships?
  2. Did you have any?
  3. What is the reason you think you did not get scholarships?


  1. What’s your GRE/GMAT score?
  2. What’s your TOEFL/IELTS score?
  3. When did you take these tests?
  4. Why are your GRE/ TOEFL scores low?


  1. Who is sponsoring you?
  2. What does your father do?
  3. How long he is been in this profession?
  4. What is your father’s income?
  5. What is your university yearly expense?
  6. How much is your tuition?
  7. Have you got any loans?
  8. Can I see your Pass Book/ Bank Statement?
  9. How will you finance your second year education?
  10. How did your father accumulated so much of money?
  11. Your passbook shows that a large amount of money has recently been deposited? How do you explain that?
  12. Can I see your sponsor’s tax documents?
  13. Is it worth to spend this huge amount of money on your education in US?
  14. Do you have any credit cards? 

Family Relations

  1.  Do you have siblings?  
  2. What does he/she do?
  3. Did they get married?
  4. Do you have any relatives in USA?
  5. What is your mother doing?
  6. Where did your brother/sister complete their studies?
  7. Where do your parents live?  
  8. Do you know anybody who studied at this university?


  1. Are you planning to work after graduation?
  2. How a US degree will help you to find a job here?
  3. What do you expect after returning back?
  4. Where do you want to see yourself 5 years from now?


  1. Are you currently working?
  2. Which company are you currently working
  3. Why are you leaving you current job? 
  4. Can I see your experience certificate?
  5. Are you going on leave? or did you resign your job?
  6. What is your Income per annum?


  1. Will you come home during summer?
  2. Have you ever been to US?
  3. Did you book your tickets?


  1. Did you arrange for housing?
  2. Where do you plan to live on campus (or) off campus?
  3. How much is your living expenses per year?

Dependent Questions

  1. Are any dependents accompanying you?
  2. Can I see marriage certificate?
  3. Can I see your marriage pictures
  4. Where did you first met your wife?
  5. Is he/ she planning to work in US?

 General Questions

  1. You look like a potential immigrant or I don’t think you will come back?
  2. What do you know about US education?
  3. Why did you apply for Fall/Spring only?
  4. Tell me how you can prove that you are going to come back?
  5. What will you do after coming back?
  6. What will you do if your visa is rejected?  
  7. Why did you change your field from Electrical Engg to Computer science
  8.  What are your hobbies?
  9. Tell me good things you know about US?
  10. Tell me a joke?
  11. Tell me about your final semester project?
  12. Give me 3 reasons for me to give you a visa?
  13. You seem to be well prepared?

If you came across anyother questions,please add questions in this post.

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