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Having self-confidence is vital for F1 Visa success. Unfortunately, there are many students who struggle their whole lives with not having enough confidence.

I’ve always felt very strongly that I could succeed at whatever I put my mind to. This is not always a good thing, by the way. I’m sure that I won’t get many sympathizers from those of you who have struggled with self-confidence, but for people like me, the struggle is always to maintain the right amount of confidence. There is a fine line between confidence and over-confidence (sometimes called arrogance)

My friends in university would say that I was over-confidence (another way to say arrogant), but I would disagree. I always said that there was a difference and that I was just confident.

There is a difference.

  • Self-Confidence is defined as having strong belief or full assurance in one’s one judgement, ability, or power.
  • Arrogance is defined as an offensive display of superiority or self-importance.

I truly didn’t view myself as being better than anyone else.I always and willing to take advice and listen to any one whomsoever irresprctive of their postion. so I felt very strongly that I wasn’t arrogant. But it didn’t really matter what I thought or felt…

What mattered is how I could make VO feel that Iam confident?

Remember on the SAT where you had to compare words to each other and find the matching pair?

Confident vs Arrogant = Knowledgable vs Know-It-All.

Being a know-it-all is closely associated with being arrogant. Sufferers of one often suffer the other.

Being Confident is a good thing, as is being knowledgable. Being arrogant or a know-it-all are not. These traits make people avoid you or dread being with you.

Not everyone will react this way, of course. It matters how you reply to questions during your F1 interview.Answering to questions in one word for pretty much all of your questions during interview can be perceived as either you are afraid to open up or you are arrongant.You don’t have time to play with attitude here.A decent one line answer to questions gives a feeling to VO that you are knowledgeable. Here is a comparison on how VO might feel for the answer for the same question to different students.

VO:Why did you select this university?

Student 1:This university offer courses like artificial intelligence, database management etc that align with my overall long term goals.(although this is not a strong answer,this is reasonably confident and sticks to point)

Student 2: This university offered me $6000 scholarship that will help me financially and this is one of top 50 schools in US.(Did VO ask about your scholarships?  Did he ask about ranking? Do you want to just show off because you got scholarship? Or you are entering one of best schools).This is overconfidence

While, most of the students are confident, some students plagued with overconfidence that can be problematic during F1 interview. This is most typically seen with immaturity. Because of the self-deception involved, overconfidence tends to make students unable to make effective and successful decisions.

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