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It’s All About Believing in Yourself for F1 Visa interview

You have come all the way to final stage in attaining your dreams. You took standardized exams ,studied all night (GRE word list) applied to universities, spent countless hours writing your SOP and packing your applications. Have you done all these things without believing in yourself? Probably not. Then you should keep the same momentum for F1 visa interview as well.

Have you ever seen someone who didn’t buy a car because he failed to learn how to drive? Or have you ever met someone who tried to learn how to drive then decided not to try again after failing for few times?

Personally, I have never met anyone like that. Almost everyone who starts learning how to drive ends up being able to drive well. Although not everyone becomes a driving expert still everyone who tires learns the basics of this complex skill.

The question is,  why you succeeded in learning how to drive yet failed in achieving some of your other goals?

The answer is simple: because you were sure that you were going to be able to drive long before you sat in the driver’s seat. You saw everyone around you succeeding in doing it and so were convinced that there’s nothing particularly hard about it, even though it really is a complicated skill.

Believe in Yourself and Visa Officer Will Be Forced to Believe in You

Hundreds of student fail to realize their ambitions and give up on their big dream as soon as they encounter the first obstacle from VO. One of the strongest causes for this attitude is that they do not believe in themselves.

Few people who manage to believe in themselves and who continue moving along the path they’ve chosen are the ones who succeed. Check out these real life examples and see for yourself:

  • During the Dot Com boom, practically everyone was buying internet stocks madly. One of the few people who didn’t buy was Warren Buffet. At the time, everyone criticized Buffet for his extreme caution and skepticism when dealing with these new stocks. Few years later, after the Dot Com bubble happened everyone lost a lot of money while Buffet ended up being the second richest man in the world!!!!
  • Alex Haley received 200 rejections before he published the novel “Roots” which was published in published in 37 languages, won the Pulitzer Prize and become a popular television miniseries in 1977.
  • In the early development stages of Microsoft, the company was going to be sold. The buyer turned the offer down because he thought that people wouldn’t need to put computers in their homes. Now bill gates is the richest man in the world!!

All these examples applies to you as well, who is going for F1 interview

How to Believe in Yourself

The previous examples were not of people who lived on other planets. They were just normal people like you, the only difference is that they believed in themselves and so they had the last laugh. If you want to be like these people and if you want to believe in yourself then stick to the following guidelines:

  • Learn about the psychology how to convince VO: Follow the basic rules, eye contact, posture, smile and a friendly attitude. I mentioned in my previous articles how can you be more convincing by just speaking confidently and assertively. Just as you can convince people to believe in something you can convince him to believe in you . The repetition of your confidence will make VO believe in even if it was not that convincing.
  • Stop thinking what other students in line will think: There will be other students next to you online who can very well hear your answers when you communicate with VO. Some students have reported they are shy talking in front of people or people who can hear their conversation. You SIMPLY can’t afford this. This is your life. You won’t see them again when you come out of embassy. Then, why do you want to bother?
  • Build self-confidence by Funneling F1 interview questions: You loose confidence only if you are not sure.Try to have answers to 150+ F1 questions including wild card questions that VO may have up in his sleeves. Refine your answers, repeat and guess what VO would think if you throw such an answer to particular question.
  • Believe In God: Ask God for guidance and help and you will feel that you are backed up by a power which is superior to anyone who rejects you.

Final Words

If you don’t believe in yourself you will end up loosing a powerful force that can help you succeed in F1 interview . On the other hand, if you believed in yourself, VO will be forced to believe in you.

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