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1st attempt- Hyderabad consulate
Date- 19th june, 2012 (9.30 slot)
Decision- Rejected

VO- Good Morning
Me- Good morning Sir (I was little feared)
Passed the documents
VO- What all universities did you apply?
Me- Wichita State University, Wright State University, Indiana State University, Louisiana Tech University, University of New Orleans, University of Texas at San Antonio.
Vo- What all admits?
Me- Wichita State University, Wright State University, Indiana State University, University of Texas at San Antonio.
Vo- What is your under graduate percentage?
Me- 68%
Vo- How many backlogs do you have?
Me- I had 5 but cleared them in very next attempt. (Fumbled here a bit)
Vo- How did you applied to Wright State University and Indiana State University?
Me- Once I completed my GRE & IELTS exams I had sorted out few universities based upon my scores. I had obtained pretty decent score in IELTS. Later I had surfed various websites and finalized this universities based upon my profile and my area of Interest.(fumbled a bit here)
Vo- What are your parents?
Me- My father is a state government employee working at shri Bachubhai Ravat school….(interrupted )
V0- What is his designation?
Me- He is Asst. teacher at shri Bachubhai Ravat school affiliated to Surat Municipal Corporation. My mother owns a firm.
Vo- Sorry, according to US immigrant law I can’t issue you a visa.
Me- May I know the reaon?
Vo- It’s mentioned in the sheet. Given me 214(b)
Me- thank you sir and left from there


2nd attempt – Chennai Consulate
Date- 5th July, 2012 (12 pm slot)
Decision- Rejected…………………

Vo- Please Step forward………
Me- Good afternoon mam..
Vo- pass me your documents
Me- Good afternoon Mam………..
Vo- Why this University?
Me- I want to do my specialization in the field of power system. And Wichita state University consists of power systems engineering research centre which allows students to gain lots of knowledge regarding the field of power system. I have chosen this university based upon two criteria’s.. one is coursework offered at Wichita State university and other is faculty in the department. Coursework offered at Wichita state university is very flexible that it allows me to choose subjects of my area of interest such as electric power systems analysis, electric power quality, power electronics and power distribution. Our department consists of excellent faculty such as Dr. Ward T. Jewell whose area of interest (interrupted)
Vo- pass me your GRE & IELTS scorecards.
Passed the scorecards
Vo- what is your under graduated percentage?
Me- I have an under graduated percent of 68.20%. Just missed distinction by 1.8%
Vo- How many backlogs do you have?
Me- I had backlogs mam but, I am sure that I will not repeat this during my masters (interrupted)
V0- How many backlogs?
Me- I had 5 but I’ll not repeat during my masters as I am good at my core subjects and obtained about 70% in my last 5 semesters.
V0- What is your father?
Me- My father is a state government employee working as a teacher at Surat municipal corporation school.
Vo- what is his annual income?
Me- My family income is about 7.69lacs. From which he gains about 5lacs from his salary and rents.
Vo- Why united states?
Me- A person who completes his masters from united states have great reputation and very well recognized across the globe. I would like to join as power quality engineer at my dream company reliance power one of the major power producing company in India.
V0- I agree with previous visa officer. I can’t issue you visa at this particular time. If you wish you may reapply.
Me- Mam, may I know the reason for my rejection?
Vo- it’s given in the form given to you (214 b)
Me- would you like to suggest me what changes should I make to my profile.
Vo- sorry, I can’t suggest you anything.
Me- thank you.

Now I have improved my gre score to 299 and got admit from Latech.
what type of questions would I expect for this time…? Please help me and suggest me how to prepare…

1) We repeatedly advice students not to appear for visa on a back to back schedule.If your visa is rejected 1st time your situation should have changed considerably inorder to issue you a visa.You went for second interview within 15 days after you appeared for your 1st interview.You should have given atleast a semester before you re-apply.

2) You should never put your answers tooo defensive (I had backlogs mam but, I am sure that I will not repeat this during my masters).This shows that you are immature and deperate to go to US.It’s almost like begging VO to issue a visa.Get good scores,give yourself a good break and be who you are during your inerview.You don’t have to buldge so much just to come to US.

3) Changing consulate from hyderabad to chennai only creates suspicion for VO and will not help you in anyway.

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