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Following experience was sent by Vinod from Bangalore for Spring 2013.

University : University of Cincinnati, Spring 2013

ME : good morning

VO : good morning. can i have your toefl score

ME : 102

VO : can i have your gre scores

ME : 318 (forwarded the original toefl and gre score sheets, he said no , he didn’t want to see them I have got 80% tuition waiver )

VO : who is this other sponsor mentioned in your I-20

ME : my parents

VO : can i have your IT returns

ME : sir ( gave him those )

VO : (hardly saw through them) i don’t think you can sponsor 28,000 US. dollars.

ME : no sir .my parents can

VO : what does your father and mother do

ME : told him

VO : if need arises do you have anyone in U.S. who could give you U.S. $

ME : No

VO : don’t you have any near relative in U.S.?

ME : No

VO : can you show ME any other document that shows you can finance yourself ME :

ME:I showed him my bank statement.

VO : (quite contended) how come the college is sponsoring you? have you got anyone over in the univ, who know you?

ME : no sir.

VO : then why is the university funding you

ME : sir, because of my good acads and scores

VO : i would like to see your admit letter

Ok, that was it. he gave me the visa.

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