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Thanks to Shivam for posting this valuable article on how to arrange F1 visa documents before going for visa interview.

I read this fancy name ‘harmonium folder’ on various posts on Internet. I was really amused by the name. Even when I went to the stationary shop of ask for it, I was hesitant to use this word fearing the shopkeeper will ask ‘Now what is this Harmonium folder?”. However, when I said that, the shopkeeper in fact promptly showed me 10′s of different ‘Harmonium Folders’

So, basically many students stack their documents in this thing called harmonium folder. Its a folder that has many compartments to segregate various documents in different compartments. You need to make small sets of related documents and arrange them in order. You’ll also need to remember where you have placed various documents so that you can produce a particular document as soon as asked for.

Attached is a picture of what a harmonium folder looks like. You’d like to have the documents arranged in a order of decreasing importance.Make small tags of which partition contains which documents.

There is a list of documents that you’ll need to produce for initial verification (By Indian officers) before the interview. Keep all those documents in the first partition. These documents are listed in the “Essential Documents” section above.

The second and third partitions may contain your primary financial documents (including the summary first) and your academic documents.One way of arranging the documents is as below:

>> Passport                               (Pocket – 1)
>> DS-156, DS-157, DS-158 forms (Pocket – 1)
>> I20, SEVIS fee receipt.            (Pocket – 1)
>> GRE and TOEFL sheet.             (Pocket – 1)
>> HDFC Receipt.                        (Pocket – 1)
>> Bachelors Degree                    (Pocket – 1)
>> Visa Appointment Letter           (Pocket – 1)
>> Bank Loan Certificate/Document.
>> Sponsor Certificates.
>> Fathers Salary Certificate and Proof of Job, post and service.
>> Bank Passbook + Statements (12 Months) as proofs of Liquid Money.
>> Authentic Share Portfolio Certificate
>> CA Certificates (if any, although CA certificates are optional)
>> Marksheets of all Semesters and Class X/XII
>> SOP, Resume.
>> All acceptance letters from all Universities.
>> Form-16.
>> Past three ITR’s (if employed) – Optional
>> Original Salary Certificate from company (if employed)
>> Company ID Tag, Past 2 Salary Slips (if employed)
>> Experience letter and State of Residence Proof. (if employed)
>> Copy of Shares in ICICI Demat
>> Relavant emails exchanged with profs, Universities or VFS (if any)
>> Photocopy of cheques/docs justifying recent bank transactions (if any)
>> Spare Photo, Spare set of DS Forms.

I have mentioned the pocket-1 contents specifically, the other pocket contents differ on person to person based on what kind of documents one is carrying.

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