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Student quote #1

Americans are very straightforward people. When you go to the embassy, be simple. Don’t try to be too polite. When you greet the visa officer just say, “Hi,” and it is good enough. Especially don’t try to persuade them about any point (returning to your home country, etc.), because it causes suspicion. Be honest and realistic, as honesty has a great value for them.

There are also a lot of other delicate points. The first time I went for my visa interview, when the officer asked what my plans were for the future, I used the phrase “If I return to Iran, I will…,” She finally told me that “if” was a big “IF” and she suspected I might never return, and she rejected my visa. On my second interview I used this phrase instead: “When I return to Iran, I will…,” I think it made a whole lot of difference.

Student quote #2

First of all I was well prepared. I brought all the necessary documents and even had all other supporting documents that I thought would be helpful. The admissions office had specified for me most of these documents in the process of applying to the program.

When I first met the visa officer, his first question was, “Who will pay for the education?” I replied, “Some portion will be paid through internship and the rest by me.” He continued by asking whether I have the money or not. I told him that I have money and he wanted me to show him my bank statement, and I did that.

Student quote #3

My visa interview was very brief; it only took about a minute. I think it’s not only because the consul had a lot of people to interview that day, but also because I was ready with all the documents that he asked for (I-20, bank statements, employment certificate, etc.).

The supporting documents that the admissions office sent me in preparation for my visa interview helped me a lot. All those reminders, sample interview, and checklists contributed much to the success of my visa interview.

One important thing is that one should be honest in what he says, because it would always show in the way he speaks with the consul. Practicing a interview with a friend also helps.

Student quote #4

The thing is you should not care for the interview as your life. You should take it easy and don’t be frightened on seeing the Visa Officer. Just talk to him confidently in such a way that you feel that whether or not you get the visa, it doesn’t matter. It requires more than confidence. Sometimes the visa officer may put you in a tricky situation. Then you should be able to face it boldly by kicking off the ball.

Student quote #5

These were the questions asked to me by the Visa Officer at the Consulate:

“How did you gain admission to the University?”

“What made you want to study again after taking a break of three years after your last degree?”

“What was your TOEFL score?”

“What are your plans after finishing the degree?”

“Who is your sponsor and what is his occupation?”

Before attending the visa interview I prepared myself in such a way that every answer of mine should be convincing and to the point. I convinced the officer that as soon as I finish my degree I’ll return back to my home country. This is the most important point and before giving any reply we should remember this.

Student quote #6

I really don’t know what exactly to explain about obtaining my visa, because it was so easy in Bulgaria. The written questions you sent me with all other documents about how to pass the interview were very useful. In Bulgaria I think it is not so difficult to obtain a visa because the people that can’t pass the interview are a very small group.

To me, the most important things are:

1. Have good English, and don’t talk too much. Just speak exactly on the question, and don’t try to impress them that you are so smart. These officers are smart enough, and they really can see many things in the one or two sentences that you say.

2. Have very clear documents. If you can show everything on the documents it is half of the interview.

3. Be prepared. The officer asked me only two or three questions about what my job is, where I have been working, and how I heard about the University. I think what the officer really wanted to know was why I was going to the USA. Was it to improve my knowledge, or just to get inside the country without any specific reason?

4. Be confident. Just don’t give any sense of doubt. Take it easy and listen to the questions.

Student quote #7

Getting my visa in Bulgaria was really easy. The interview itself was very easy and fast. The officer just asked me a couple of questions. “What are you planning to do after you graduate?” I said, “I will return to my country and will continue to work for my current employer.” Then she changed the subject and started to ask me about my family and if I have any relatives in the USA. The whole process was about two or three minutes long.

Student quote #8

My experience was interesting, but I want to tell about it by giving some advice.

1) Take a full set of documents, especially documents from the University which describe your payment plan. Obviously, documents about payment require a bank statement.

2) Dress neatly and smile.

3) You should listen to the interviewer’s words carefully, but do not make him feel that you are straining to understand. Usually this is difficult, because of the noisiness of the place where the interview is conducted.

4) Be prepared to answer any question about the University, about yourself, relatives, previous job, and education.

5) Be extremely prepared to speak about your future plans. This leads to thinking about what you will do after graduation.

6) Speak confidently and honestly, because the interviewer’s job is to crack your psychic defense. If you are dishonest, they will easily recognize it. Remember a proverb: “The bitter truth is better than a sweet lie.”

7) Of course, speak no unnecessary words. Just answer on what they ask. Every additional word will hamper the progress.

Student quote #9

We did not have any problem getting a visa from the U.S. embassy in Nepal. In my case, the visa officer did not even check the financial statement, which is normally checked by each visa officer. She just turned the pages quickly and asked whether I had enough money to spend for my education. That’s all. I do not think there are any special points to be taken carefully. Only having a genuine attitude is enough. Providing you do not try to use the University’s name as a medium to escape from your country, I think getting a visa will not be a difficult job.

Student quote #10

I handed all my documents to the visa officer including the job agreement I have with my boss. After reading it, he asked nothing but why I chose this school and why I chose a program with curricular practical training. I told him my personal plan, and explained that I’ve compared many universities but no other offered a program that matched both my own needs, and those of my company in China. I explained that this is why my boss has agreed to let me go to study and to re-hire me on my return.

I also told the interviewer about my younger brother who is enrolled in a doctoral program at the University of Florida in Computer Networking.

The interview lasted about ten minutes. I felt from the beginning that he never planned on giving me the visa, but after he listened patiently to me, he finally relented and said, “Good luck.”

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