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WINDOW NO 8,Delhi Consulate

VO: Show me your GRE and TOEFL

Me: (showed)

VO: How many universities have you applied to ?

Me:12 Universities , 4 in California ( I said that on purpose )

VO: Do you know some one in California?

Me: Nopes, dont know anybody.

VO: What you made you interested in California state?

ME: Nothing specific, more universities in state happens to offer courses in my area of interest.

VO: How many universities were you admitted?

Me: 4

VO: Which all universities?



Me: excellent research and faculty especially in the field of AI which is what I want to pursue . Out of all the fields in CS that it is offering like databases , networking , OS…AI have the maximum number of courses. I have the course list. Do u want to have a look?

VO: NO! What are you doing right now ?

Me: Working

VO: Where ?

Me: XXXX,Delhi

VO: Who’s is sponsoring?

ME: My parents and with my personal funds

VO: What’s your salary?

ME: 24K per month (I thought Iam on my way to getting my visa)

VO: What are your long term plans

ME: After completing my MS I intend to work for 1-2 yrs before I return to India and work for a multinational.

VO:Is your goal to work after completing MS?

Me: No Sir,just to get experience

VO:I don’t think u have intentions to return to India

ME:No sir,I meant..

VO:Sorry,your visa is rejected.

Gave me pink slip 214(b) written in that.I thought,I got my visa at one point,but didn’t.I was rejected because of my too talkitive nature.I know I should not have talked about working for 1-2 yrs.Is that a mistake.Even US government offers OPT period to get trained in my field

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