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Below experience have lot of spelling/grammatical errors.But you should be able to understand what this student is trying to convey.Due to volume of requests we are unable to correct/edit experiences sent to us.

hi guyz,

I got my visa for spring 2012 luckily.Here is my experience…came to consulate around 9:45 am I was in the 10:30 batch…as soon as you enter the building through the small door…a security guard sees your web appointment letter…and asks whether you have cell phone ,pager, music system ..after this I was made pass through a metal detector…after this I entered a hall…which is filled with seats…it is arranged according to many colums. After the security check you take the ¬†Folder[Meroun color]a white sticker is put on back of your passport, and you will be given a receipt if u have arrived early you are made to wait till your appointment time.Then your documents are checked by indians ,they see whether your photo is right(white background) and whether you have filled all the forms correctly he later pins the pink token beyond the passport, and next you wait and…..wait before you are put to final interview…We all were let in to the interview room at 10:20,now the counter positions where

Counter 1:chewing guy

Counter 2:miss burka

Counter 4:bald french beard

Counter 6:HIB issuance[some young guy]

Ok the queue started movin…miss burka was interviewing tourist visa.. oh god! she was rejecting even the elderly citizens who had applied to tourist visa…mister chewin at counter 2 was ok…and the french beard guy was not so good but compared to burks ok.I was made to stand in the french beard guy’s line…all of a sudden all the visa officers vanish its 10.45 .we all are again made to sit in our seats…only one counter is open guess who..yup our own miss burka…mam she was on a killing spree(any unreal fans here)..10 rejects in a row ..i was tensed and God helped, the young american who always stands in the counter opened the counter..we were directed to stand there I was 6th in the queue he accepted the first guy 4 rejects in a row. next my turn was.. praying god. so here is the interview:

ME:Good afternoon sir

VO:Yeah Good afternoon.

VO:So who is sponsoring

ME:Sir my parents.

VO:Are they working?

ME:Yes sir,both of them are..

VO:How much do they make?

ME: Around ….lakhs/annum

VO:Have you ever been abroad

ME:NO sir

VO: You have a brother/sister?

ME: Yes sir,I have an elder brother

VO: What does he do?

ME: Sir he is working in USA, with an HIB visa sir

VO: What?

ME: With an H1B..(he writes it on my DS156)

VO:Whats ur aggregate?


VO: Where do u stand in the class?

ME:I am 3 in a class of 60

VO:Whats your Age?

ME: Sir i am 22.

VO: Your on your way to US

ME: What sir?

VO: You are on your way to usa .

¬†guyz it had been a incredible experience.I want to thank GOD who really made thinks happen….Thank you GOD,Thank you… I want to thank my loving parents and (bro cum friend cum mentor) my elder brother… yeah akshay sister thanks a lot dude..all my frineds who always bosted my moral.. I also want to thank AEG for posting visa experiences which further gave be confidence on how to deal with F1 interview.Thanks for your support once again.

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