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I got my F1 visa this Aug using I20 from school X. Now I got an offer with financial aid from school Y and i want to go to school Y from Spring 2013. I contacted the US consulate and they asked me to come for a new interview with I20 from school Y and passport only (no need for other documents).

My question is, can they cancel my present F1 visa for school X and not give a new visa for school Y if i go for an interview?

First, you can’t travel to university Y with F1 stamping for university X in your passport. If you still want to travel you have to reach university X and report to them and do university transfer after 1st semester from spring .You can also wait till spring and appear for new F1 interview . VO will understand why you decide to wait and your profile seems to be clear. However, anything can happen. VO can turn back and ask what you were doing from fall 2012 to spring 2013? and might question your educational goals since you put financial requirement a head of your plans.

If I were you,I would opt to travel to university X and do transfer after a semester.This way you don’t have to go through mental worriness for 6 months and re-appear for F1 visa without any guarantee that you will get stamped.Moreover,you will get exposure to US culture for a semester and will assist in making better decisions when you move to university Y.

Good luck!

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