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Hi,I have got admit from Wright state university and applied for visa on23rd of may 2012, my profile is GRE :990,ielts :7,actually ma i came to know that some of my friends who went for F1 visa at Hyderabad with better profiles got rejected. So i am planning to cancel the appointment at Hyderabad and book that slot in Chennai on same date… is that ok r will the VO will question me why i did cancel the appointment in hyd and came to Chennai … will they have same data base..plz plz do reply me on this very very nervous about this ….AVINASH,INDIA

VO will have options in his DB to look for information if he want’s to. All databases are connected not just in India, but all over the globe .If you go to Singapore for stamping VO will know you have booked the appointment in Hyderabad. If you are qualified and confident there is no reason why VO will reject your application irrespective of where you attend the interview. Infact, it will only give impression to VO that you are trying to hide something.

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  1. ajay says:

    I am from andhra pradesh and have scheduled my visa appointment in chennai. What should I say when they ask me why not in hyd??My reason being dates were not available in hyderabad for so many days so i book my interview appointment in chennai..

  2. balaji says:

    you should first contact the US embassy at HYD and get a written permission to attend visa in other place of your choice.This will help attending the visa without muxch embarassment

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