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Recently there are bunch of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) bills that were introduced in congress to provide green card for international students graduating with STEM degrees who have a job offer. But all these bills have one thing in common. Covering all the loopholes and making sure students and consultants don’t abuse the system. Consultants sending students in thousands with a sole motive to get green cards to unreputed and tier III universities are not eligible to obtain green cards. You may have read lot of articles about fake universities issuing hundreds of I-20’s without proper immigration procedures.

When we read these bills one thing senators included was to block green card for students who come through consultants who have contract agreement to recruit students. What does this mean to students? Students getting spot offers through consultants via education fair, attending interviews and getting offer in consultant’s office etc may not be eligible for green card. Although they may be allowed to study in US, they may not be eligible to secure a green card.

These bills are just proposals and not passed yet in US congress. We expect any such bills introduced in congress in future will have similar constraints to close loopholes, so consultants don’t abuse the system as a whole. So please be aware a US education consultant having a written agreement to recruit students in your country is a risky thing for you in future.

So how do you know they have agreement with universities ?

You may not know, unless they tell you.Usually good Public/State universities will not have consultants to recruit students.University of Texas, University of Michigan,Louisiana Tech etc will not have consultants to recruit for them.You can figure it out from their name.

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