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AEG,  Iam from Bangalore and Iam in my 7th semester. I have 8 backlogs which Iam trying to clear  before this April and I will graduate in May. Can I get admission in Petroleum Engineering. I took my GRE and score is 1170 V-480 Q-690 A-3.5,Toefl -92.All my brothers live in US and I also want to go to US for studying. Iam planning to Penn State University, Texas Tech University,  Louisiana state University. Can you tell me on my chances based on my backlog.

We have seen lot of students applying to US universities with backlogs. But usually we see around 2-4 backlogs in final semester and they clear before they graduate. If you can clear your backlogs before you graduate and get atleast 60% in your academics you should get admission in US. But reconsider Penn State & Louisiana State University.

  • Penn State University – too ambitious- reconsider
  • Texas Tech University – ambitious
  • Louisiana State University – ambitious.

Include safe and target universities in your list. Consider applying to

  • University of Wyoming – Safe
  • New Mexico Tech – Safe
  • University of Kansas – Safe
  • University of Oklahoma – Target

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  1. Ash says:

    i finished mt degree but have 8 backlogs …i hav rreason for that backlogs….and i hav confident…..can i get US visa?

  2. nave says:

    i had 25 backlogs in 4-1 semester nd reduced to 6 after all semesters
    im planning to complete the remaining in the next supplementary
    can i apply for ms in US
    please reply….

  3. pavan says:

    i have 8 backlogsfrom intermediate can i go to us.i complete my degree.

  4. pavankumar says:

    i have 8 backlogs can i go to us

  5. vm says:

    hi ,i completed my bachelors in electronics and communication engineering ,i have 6 back logs ,and 58%.my gre score is 1150 v-480 Q-670,TOEFL 92. Can i get admission in university of houston – main campus for bio medical engineering /industrial engineering

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