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Following Real lifeTOEFL tips was sent by Pradeep

1.Try to keep your mind positive.Avoid any argument with your parents or your siblings the day before or on the day of exam.The more your mind is clear the better and easier the exam will be.

2.Go to bed early.An hour early than usual.Believe me that one hour extra sleep will do miracles to your mind during exam.Definitely not more than 1 hour additional sleep.

3.Avoid ice cream, Cold lemon juice or drink water in the restaurant atleast one week before the exam.I had mild strep throad but managed to clear it just the day before the exam.Your voice needs to be clear and crispy.

4.When you talk during speaking section complete the words fully or in other words don’t go fast. Maintain your pace consistently.

5.For Listening section take quick notes.For example don’t write full words or sentence.Take notes in Chat language.(e.g) Why are you leaving ? can be written as y r u leav’g.

6.During speaking section there will be other students talking next to you,So practice in noisy environment.I practiced with TV on.

Hope this will help other students.I learnt this tips on  my own.I had issues with my throat because I had cold juice in a restaurant.Also my brother was pestering me off the day before on other family issue.So keep these things in mind before taking the exam.

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