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These are very generic and pretty much every university will have the same or similar title. You most likely will end up with a part-time job if you submit and talk to manager in these places. Ideally, you can knock any office door and ask them. Be brave and you lose nothing!

1. Student Life Office

2. Student Leadership office.

3. Dean Students office.

4. Student Government Office

5. Cafeteria

6. Library

  • Circulation Dept
  • Inter library loan dept
  • Archives Dept
  • Sorting and Shelving
  • Computer Labs

7. Computer Labs ( IT/lab technician jobs )

8. University Computing department ( More IT jobs)

9. University Stadiums: Basketball, Football, etc

10. University Fitness Center or Gym

11. University Information Center

12. International Students office

13. Financial Aid office

14. Writing Center

15. First year or Mentoring center for Students

16. Career Services

17. Counseling Services

18. Cashier’s office

19. Adult Education center.

20. Student Activities office.

21.University Recreation Center.

22. University Coffee shops

23. Student Union.

24. Parking services

25. Visitor information center.

26. University Book Store

27. Athletics and Intra murals office


Apart from the above, you can go to other schools too

  • School of Business
  • School of Arts
  • School of Music
  • School of Sciences
  • Medical school (various departments)

It could be frustrating to go to all these places .But,I know this works! and you will definitely end up with a job.I will try to post model of resume for applying to part-time jobs.If this helps please post your comments.

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