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  1. Admission officers are looking for reasons to admit you, not deny you. They are rooting for you. Things like careless spelling mistakes or mentioning the wrong college in your essay will break their little hearts.
  2. Admission officers often have to read thousands of applications; it’s a hard job. Sometimes they don’t see daylight for weeks on end. Like vampires.
  3. An admission committee’s goal is to find the right students for the college it represents. It’s like speed dating, and they want to make sure the fit between you and the college is right. They aren’t just looking for the valedictorians or the students who win all of the awards.
  4. Admission officers want to see the full picture of who you are, not just the grades and the scores.
  5. Admission officers love context. They want to hear all about your context. Context is: Anything about your family or living situation. Do you have a job outside of school? Do you have a learning difference or physical disability? Really, any personal information you want to share.
  6. Admission officers reading your application will most likely be familiar with the high school that you go to. If they are interested in you mostly likely they will google your school name to know more about your school backround, whether you studied in Bombay or Bangkok They will know things like , how big your school is, and what’s your previous professor’s background etc.
  7. Admission officers want to hear your unique voice, not the perfectly polished sound of a parent, teacher, or counselor.
  8. Good grades and good high schools tell them that you have lots of academic potential, which is important. But they also want to find out: Do you love to learn? If so, what specifically do you love to learn? What is your perspective on the world around you and how it works? Are you motivated and hardworking?
  9. A rejection does not mean that the admission committee doesn’t like you. In this crazy age we live in, there are often way more applicants than there are spots in the class. Don’t take rejection personally. It just means that the fit isn’t right at the moment. A door is opening for you somewhere else.

         10.    A waitlist means that they like you and what you are doing; keep up the good work. Take it as a compliment


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